Tonido for OEMs

Tonido® is a complete software platform and service that allows OEMs to go to market quickly with a fully branded solution for NAS, Residential Gateways, Routers, Set-top boxes and other devices. It is a secure and stable platform that allows consumers to manage, share, and organize their digital content and also allows them to consume their content wherever they are, through a web browser or through native apps for Android, iPhone, iPad, Windows 7 Phone and Blackberry smart phones.

Tonido runs on a wide range of hardware platforms and has low system requirements making it ideal for integration in embedded systems where hardware resources are in short supply. Tonido has readymade NAS, Smart Router solutions for Marvell ARM , AppliedMicro PowerPC and MIPS chipsets.

The key advantage provided by the Tonido solution is seamless and extremely efficient direct LAN access without using any bandwidth or going via the WAN. This efficiency coupled with remote WAN access makes Tonido the best solution for embedding in your hardware.


Modular Tonido consists of a small core with the rest of the functionality implemented as plugins. This allows OEMs to pick and choose what they want to use.

Custom Branding Tonido allows full branding of the user interface as well as the URLs that customers use to access Tonido remotely. For example

OEM Development Platform

Tonido Software Stack

Tonido is a modular and portable software platform, allowing it to run on a wide variety of hardware. For example, Tonido runs on top of the OS, which is running on top of the OEM HW. In addition to Linux, Tonido runs on a variety of OSes including MacOSX, Windows, BSD and other OSes.

Tonido also runs on several different CPU Architectures including x86, ARM, MIPS and PowerPC. Support for other architectures might be available.

OEM Private Domain Server

Tonido OEM Remote Services

Tonido runs dynamic dns, relay services, identity brokering and security services for individual Tonido instances. These services provide a variety of benefits including zero setup remote access. OEMs can get these services too when they embed tonido solutions in their HW.

Tonido Services are fully managed by CodeLathe and does not require any additional IT resources for the OEM.


Scalable Tonido services can scale effortlessly to millions of users with a highly scalable service architecture using off-the-shelf hardware.

Geographically Load Balanced Tonido services automatically will load balance services to provide best service possible depending upon the location of the Tonido client.


Platform Features

  • Extensible Access to growing set of Tonido Applications
  • Branding Customized UI and URL for customers
  • Built-in Updates Tonido client software can be updated easily and securely on the fly
  • Cross Platform Runs on variety of OS and CPU Architectures
  • Modular Pick only components you want to use
  • Integration Standardized REST APIs for easy integration
  • Development Environment Flexible Dev Environment using PHP or C++ to add custom functions
  • LAN and WAN access Offers efficient IP based LAN access as well as zero setup Remote Access
  • Lightweight No third-party or OS dependencies, No Bloat


  • NAS Devices
  • Set Top Boxes
  • Residential Gateways
  • Home Automation Control Points
  • Home Security Control Points
  • Media Servers
  • Home Servers


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