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New Tonido Release 2.26 Highlights

This is a minor bug fix patch release, based on a lot of customer feedback and bug reports.

Downloads now work

  • There were also issues with downloading certain file types. The files would always be opened in the browser’s content player instead of downloading to the desktop. This has been fixed.
  • IE8 downloads did not work. This has been fixed.

Mac OS X Fixes

  • MP4, FLAC playback was problematic. It has been fixed.
  • Tonido plugins not being loaded on some x86_64 releases. This has been fixed.

General Fixes

  • Music Player not playing a music file correctly in some cases
  • Zip files uploaded via Webshare now works correctly.
  • Uploads now work properly on IE8
  • Some minor fixes in Torrent UI
  • Fixes a problem with PHP CGI processes


  • Fixed issue preventing updates in some cases
  • Fixed issue with PHP plugins not getting unloaded properly


How to add custom external links to your Tonido

Tonido not only allows seamless access to your files and media, it truly is your personal hub.

With the latest Tonido 2.10.x release, there is a new feature to customize the apps that are shown in the navigation tree. You are no longer limited by the apps Tonido provides, but you can add your own custom app that is a simple link to another website .

This allows you to get quick access to that website from within Tonido.  For example, if you have other web servers or services running in your home, you can point to those too making Tonido a single place to access your stuff.



Here’s how you do it:

1) Download the following zip file (for a link)


2) Unzip the folder inside

3) Copy the folder to your Tonido install directory, into the directory called “plugins”

4) (Optional) Edit the manifest.xml and change the “AppURL” value to whatever you want

5) Restart Tonido

6) Your new app should show up in the Apps Navigation Tree

7) Enjoy!

You can customize the icons shown by replacing the two icons that are in that directory, icon.gif and iconbg.gif. You can also disable them from appearing by “suspending” these apps like normal Tonido apps. You can also delete them in one click.

We have started a Tonido Forums thread here, that will have user-created zips for various things in the future. For now, it has a and external links.
Feel free to create your own and contribute.

WebsharePro – A Quick Look


WebsharePro comes with more new features but remains true to Webshare’s core theme of simplicity.

Upload Files Support


Many of you had requested an enhancement that will allow your users to upload files into your shared folder. With WebsharePro, you can select users who will have upload access and these users will see an upload box in their page.

Users can upload any number of files into your shared folder. You can also set size limit for the shared folder so that you can limit how much users can upload.

Download As Zip Support

WebsharePro Download as Zip

“Download As Zip” is a new feature which will let your users to download the entire shared folder as a zip file. To avoid any performance bottlenecks, maximum size limit for the zipfile is currently set to 10MB.

View Active Downloads

With WebsharePro, you can view all currently active downloads. “Active Downloads” will list of users who are currently downloading and details of the files that they are downloading.

PhotoGallery Options

Photo Gallery gets more new options such as thumbnail size and view size. You can select the size of thumbnails for your gallery. You have three options (small/medium/large) to choose from. You can also set size of the picture that users will see when they click on a thumbnail. WebsharePro gives you two options regular size 800×600 and a larger version 1024×768.


Finally, error pages in WebsharePro got a facelift and we have improved error page UI so that error messages are clearer. WebsharePro is currently available in TonidoPlug. Hope you enjoy the new features.