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[How-to] Install Tonido on a x86 ReadyNAS device

This is a quick guide to installing Tonido on your x86 series ReadyNAS (NXV, Pro, or Ultra) and has only been tested on RAIDiator 4.2.12. While this is fairly simple because the ReadyNAS runs Debian Etch, keep in mind this may void your warranty or cause your device to behave in unpredictable ways. I’ve tested it out fairly thoroughly and had zero problems, but your mileage may vary. Now that the warning is out of the way, here we go.

Installing Tonido on a ReadNAS

* Download and install the RootSSH add-on from Netgear.
* SSH into your ReadNAS and type the following at command prompt


* Then

dpkg --force-all -i TonidoSetup_i686.deb

It will complain about a libfreetype6 being too old and possibly a few other things, but they are all apparently all related to running Tonido on a local GTK session. Since there’s no monitor output for the ReadyNAS, this doesn’t matter.

* You need to run Tonido once to get it to generate a config file.

/usr/local/tonido/ start

* Now type

vi ~/tonido/data/configex.xml and scroll down to the section that says


Change the 0 between the value tags to a 1. If you aren’t Linux savvy, type a to start editing, then hit Esc to stop in vi. To exit the file, hit Esc and then type :wq and hit Enter. All done.

* Type

/usr/local/tonido/ restart

to restart Tonido with your config file changes.

* Log into Tonido for the first time by opening a web browser and going to

http://IP address of your device:10001

You’ll be prompted to create an account. Once done, you should see your Tonido screen. You can follow the wiki from here on out.

Optional to get Tonido to run at every bootup

* SSH into the ReadyNAS if you aren’t already and type

cp /usr/local/tonido/ /etc/init.d/

* Type

update-rc.d defaults

Note that this doesn’t seem to be the direction the ReadyNAS SDK was pointing me in, but it seemed to be the only reliable way for it to start every boot up.

Stopping Tonido from running at bootup

* From SSH, first

update-rc.d remove
rm /etc/init.d/

Uninstalling Tonido

* If you had Tonido running at boot, do the above steps under Stopping Tonido from running at bootup first
* Then

dpkg --purge tonido

* Finally

rm ~/TonidoSetup_i686.deb

And there is no more Tonido.

Additional Information
Tondio does seem to make the ReadyNAS slightly less snappy than a default configuration on a ReadyNAS NVX. I’m thinking that upgrading the RAM on the device will help solve this. Because of the increased specs on the Pro and Ultra, the hit shouldn’t be as noticeable.

Disabling the torrent client in Tonido seems to have the biggest boost on performance without a hardware upgrade. I think this is because of the mass of tracker requests you get from running it. I had a ton of traffic on port 6881 even though I never did anything with the torrent app, but disabling it made that go away as well as making everything (the NAS console and Tonido) seem snappier.

Performance overall is still quite acceptable for a home user and I can still stream 1080p video off the NAS to playback anywhere on the local network.

Remember to enable port forwarding on 10001 if you want to reach your NAS outside your home network and allow for UPnP if you want to use all Tondio plug-ins (Torrent, etc.).

If you have any issues, please post it in the Tonido Forum.

Courtesy: Acoustician