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Announcing Tonido Desktop Release 2.61

We are happy and excited to announce the immediate availability of the latest Tonido Release 2.61 on all supported platforms including Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and TonidoPlug (1 & 2). This is a major release and upgrading is recommended, and in fact is required, if you are planning to use the latest Tonido iOS app (v4.0) released to the app store today.

Here are the major features of this release:

New Tonido iOS App release (v4.0)

This Tonido Desktop release provides support for the newly released, fully rewritten iOS app that works on both iPhone and the iPad. In fact if you update to that version, you need to upgrade your Tonido Desktop server to 2.61. There are many new features in this app and we will talk about all the new features in a separate blog post.


On the fly Video Transcoding from Windows to iOS app

This release provides support for watching any kind of video format on your iOS device with the new iOS app (v4.0). If you have a powerful enough computer running Windows, and you install Tonido Desktop (2.61) on it and then access it via the latest iOS app, you can now watch your videos whatever video format they are in.


Full Audio Playlist Support in iOS app

This release allows management of playlists via the new iOS app. Upcoming releases will add the same support from the web interface and Android and other mobile apps.


Extraction of Media Meta Data

Video and Music files will have rich meta information shown including album arts, mp3 meta information, movie screenshots etc.


Free version now allows up to 2 GB of synchronization

The free version of Tonido Desktop now allows up to 2 GB of file synchronization instead of the 250 MB enforced earlier.

There are also as usual a multitude of bugfixes and other performance improvements. Please see release notes.

In the coming days, we will post more information about the various features of the new iOS app. We also have some exciting new updates lined up for the Web UI and the Android apps that we promise to update soon. Stay tuned and keep the feedback coming.

Announcing Airplay support and more in Tonido iPhone/iPod/iPad App 2.11

We are very happy to announce the availability of Tonido App 2.11 in Apple appstore. We, at CodeLathe , are always looking to improve the Tonido user  experience and Mobile support is one of our most important focus areas.

This application builds on the Tonido 2.0 App.

Some of the important updates are listed below:

  1. Apple AirPlay Support for music (Available only if you are on iOS 4.3). AirPlay allows you to stream your music to your AirPlay enabled device like the AppleTV. Very cool!
  2. Support to display Camera RAW photo files (NEF, CR2, CEW etc)
  3. Ability to post share links to Social Media web sites (Facebook, Twitter and few more)
  4. Ability to open all types of downloaded files using other installed iOS application
  5. Ability to save downloaded photos to iOS device photo roll. Nifty to get that perfect picture on your desktop as your wallpaper!
  6. Ability to share downloaded files (email, post in Facebook, Twitter)
  7. Miscellaneous UI improvements and bug fixes.

The updated user manual is available here.  So go ahead and update your iPhone, iPod or iPad and Let us know what you think!

The only thing we ask for you in return is to give us a great rating in the appstore and to spread the word about the 100% goodness of Tonido. So Enjoy and don’t forget to add ratings and review in the appstore 🙂

Here are some of the screenshots.




New Tonido Android App v20 – Over the Air file transfers and much more …

As we mentioned in our earlier posts, we wanted to kickoff 2011 with releases that offer great value to users.We are proud to announce the next version of our Tonido Android app. You are really going to love it :).

Major features:

  1. Option to download file/folder (aka OTA File transfer) for offline viewing.
  2. Access to downloaded files even when you are offline.
  3. Favorites support.
  4. Automatically identify and use local ip (e.g http://192.168.x.x:10000/) when your Android device is connected to the same LAN as the Tonido device (which translates to high download speeds within LAN).

NOTE: Tonido software on Desktop or TonidoPlug should be updated to a version above 2.25.
You can’t use this new Android App with older versions of Tonido on your Desktop or plug.

Start page has four icons:

  1. Browse remote files
  2. Browse favorites folders in the backend Tonido device
  3. Browse all the downloaded files
  4. View status of current downloads



Favorites are great way to have quick access to important files and also to create playlists. Once you have created a playlist, selecting a song in the playlist will continuous play the songs in that playlist.



‘Download’ in the menu will give an option to select folders or files to be downloaded. When you select a folder to download, the app downloads all the files in that folder. You can even select favorite folders to be downloaded. Downloads would continue as along as the app is open. If the app is closed, all the current downloads would be canceled.



Download status

‘Download status’ page shows all the current downloads and their status.’ Cancel downloads’ button clears all the current downloads. ‘ Cancel downloads’ doesn’t impact already downloaded files.


Browse Download Files

You can browse downloaded files and folders when you are offline by clicking on “downloaded files” in the login page. If you are logged in, you can browse files by selecting “Downloaded Files” icon in the start page. Also, you can use native app to browse to /sdcard/tonido/download.


Use Local IP When on Same LAN as Device

When your Android device and Tonido device are connected on same LAN, Tonido Android app would try to use local ip to download and data transfer, which would increase overall download performance.


You will see this icon when Android app is using local ip.

Nothing motivates a small start up like us than encouraging comments from our users like you. Please let us your thoughts and feedback through our forum, Facebook and twitter.

Finally, please show your support by rating the app in the Android app market! Thank you!

Tonido App is available in Android Market

Tonido Android App is now available in Android Market. Please do try it and give your reviews and ratings.  Also, we would greatly appreciate if you could post your thoughts, feedback, comments and feature requests in our Tonido on Mobile Forums.

Beta users should uninstall the beta version before installing the app from the market. In this release version, we have made some performance improvements and also added support for video (currently mp4 only) .

Tonido Android App Video

Tonido Android App Video


Tonido App Details in Market

Tonido App Details in Market


Tonido Android App Features

1. Login into your remote computer (TonidoPlug or a computer that runs Tonido). Tonido Android App remembers your credentials so that you need not re-enter your Tonido login/password every time

2. Browse your files and folders in the remote computer. Open many file formats like Word, Excel, Powerpoint and PDF (You need appropriate apps that open these document types)

3. Quickly browse your pictures (Gallery option to browse  through thumbnails)

4. Stream your video, music, and listen to your music continuously

5. Instantly share any file or folder via Tonido Webshare and email the link (Webshare URL)

6. Take a picture using your camera and upload it to remote computer…

(For more details: and )

Tonido on Windows 7 Mobile

We want to offer Tonido in as many mobile platforms as possible, and here is a sneak peek of our upcoming Tonido client on Windows 7 Mobile.



Tonido - Windows 7 Mobile Browsing


Tonido - Windows 7 Mobile Photos


Tonido - Windows 7 Mobile Photo Viewer


Tonido - Windows 7 Mobile Tonido Icon

Android App Beta 2 – Updated with your feedback

Dear Tonido Users,

First, a big thank you for all your feedback on our Android Beta. We carefully read each one of your comments and we have addressed some of the issues and a few of your enhancement requests in this new version. Here are the changes in Beta 2.

Multiple Music Formats Support
Many of you had requested for multiple music formats support and we have added support for mp3, flac, m4a audio formats.

UI  Feedback to User Actions
Some of you  have expressed that app should provide some UI feedback to user actions and we have addressed that by highlighting the selected row in the explorer and changing the background color when “next” “previous” button is selected.


Folder Selection Highlight


Next Button Highlight

Image Navigation
Two big enhancements requests 1) better images navigation and 2) ability to resize images
To improve navigation, we added more UI feedback to user actions and in addition to that, we have added an option to see the pictures in gallery view.  menu->gallery would generate a scrollable thumbnail view of photos in that folder.  (Please note that viewing gallery for  the first time would be slow since backend would be generating those thumbnails.)


Gallery Menu Option


Gallery View

A “long click” on an image would open image where you can resize the image through pinch. For some phones where pinch doesn’t work,  a scroll motion would open zoom options.

Zoom Out

Zoom In/Out

Inconsistent Behavior in Exit and Home Menu
We received consistent feedback that menu buttons didn’t have consistent behavior across all views. We made
‘Exit’ menu should “logout” but your credentials would not be deleted.
‘Home’ menu should take you to root director in the file explorer

Handling Special Characters
Beta version truncated folder names that had special characters. New version should handle all the special characters

Login Error Message Improvements
Edited some of the error messages so that users get right information and also added a few input validations to help users.

Some issues we couldn’t reproduce especially app crashes when camera menu is selected or some pdf files are opened. We are working on those.

How to Participate in Beta?
For users who have sent emails earlier, we will send you the instructions in an email. New users, please join the following thread in our forum.

Please Do Send Your Feedback
Please feel free to send us lots of feedback our way as it helps us fix issues and test on a variety of phone hardware. Please post in our Tonido on Mobile Forums.

These are exciting times for Tonido, and we thank you for your continuing support.


Announcing Tonido Beta for BlackBerry

Tonido is going fully mobile!

We just recently announced our Android app, and now we are  excited to announce a Beta release of our Tonido native application on Blackberry .

So what can you do with the blackberry app?


Browse through the files and folders of the remote computer that has Tonido installed. You get full access to the entire computer.

Launch Tonido in Blackberry

Launch Tonido in Blackberry


Login into Tonido in your Blackberry


Browse your files via Tonido for Blackberry

View Files

Open and view most common file formats including images PDF, Word (DOC, DOCX) , Excel (XLS, XLSX), PowerPoint (PPT, PPTX), Text (txt) etc.

View Files on Blackberry using Tonido

View Files on Blackberry using Tonido

Download and save files to blackberry device

After viewing files, you can even download it and save it locally in your blackberry for quick offline access.

View Pictures

View all your pictures remotely.


View Images in Blackberry

Share viewed Pictures via Email or via MMS

Pictures can then be shared via Email/MMS.

Share a file or a folder through Tonido

If you have Webshare or WebsharePro installed, you can quickly share any file or folder and get a link to that file or folder. This link can then be emailed to anyone to share instantly.


Share Folder or File via Tonido URL

Share your Folder Link via Email Instantly!

Share your Folder Link via Email Instantly!

How to install the Beta App

To install the Tonido Blackberry beta (version on your blackberry mobile, open the link on your blackberry browser.

Click download and install Tonido on blackberry.

Install Tonido on Blackberry

Install Tonido on Blackberry

We tested the app on Blackberry Curve, but we expect it to work on other blackberry mobiles.

If you have problems or feedback, please let us know  via our forums.

Announcing Tonido Android Application

We promised some more exciting developments during our Tonido desktop release announcement, and here is one.

We are happy to announce that we are working on a Tonido Android native app and we expect to release it shortly.

Meanwhile, we wanted to share with you some screen shots of the app in development.
Note, that these are preliminary screen shots and might change before release as we refine the user interface.

Tonido Login

Tonido Login

Browse your files and folders

Browse your files and folders

View images right in the application

View images right in the application

Share a file or folder and send the share via email instantly

Share a file or folder and send the share via email instantly

We will shortly be needing volunteers to beta test this app, so if you own an Android phone and use Tonido, please help us out when the beta starts.