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Announcing PHP support in Tonido

The core philosophy behind Tonido has always been the extension support via addon applications. With a small core and all the functionality provided by apps, users could customize what kind of experience or functionality that interested them the most.

However, writing applications or addons for Tonido required using C++. However, C++ is not an easy language to get into and it makes it even harder when you had to make it work on all the platforms Tonido runs on (Windows, Mac, Linux and TonidoPlug).

But that changes now! Developers can start leveraging one of the most popular web programming languages now to write Tonido Apps.

We are happy to announce PHP development support in Tonido. You can now write apps fully in PHP script. The advantage with PHP is that once written it works unmodified across all the platforms, making development and deployment easier.

Additionally, there is nothing different about writing PHP for Tonido vs Apache or any other webserver. In fact, PHP applications like DocuWiki work automatically under Tonido.

So what exactly will be supported under PHP in Tonido:

  • SQLite Database Support (no MySQL)
  • XML parsing support
  • CURL support
  • File Upload Support

and other standard functions..

As an example, we have a showcase application that demonstrates PHP support in Tonido. This application is called PHPDevPlugin.

The application does a few simple things:

  • Shows php info
  • SQLite DB demo
  • File Uploading
  • Using CURL to search Amazon
  • Using XML to parse Tweets from Tonido’s Twitter account

See below:


On opening the application on the left, you get a list of links that showcase PHP functionality.


And, here’s the classic PHP info page familiar to most PHP devs.


This is just the beginning of the things now possible with Tonido. We hope to see more creative applications coming up in the near term.

Developers interested in seeing this in action can download the following php file to start kicking the tires and playing with it. (Available for Windows, TonidoPlug, other platforms coming shortly). We plan to rollout PHP support in all Tonido installs as part of a update shortly.

1) Tonido PHPDevPlugin Application

Unzip these files into the plugins directory in your Tonido installation. Windows (%APPDATA%\tonido\plugins), TonidoPlug (/root/app/tonido/plugins)

2) Download and Install PHP support for your OS

Windows PHP Support

Unzip this to the tonido install directory (%APPDATA%\tonido)

TonidoPlug PHP Support

Untar this into the tonido directory (/root/app/tonido)

And, don’t forget we still have our developer contest on for the first 3 Tonido Applications. You can even win an iPod Touch.

The contest is open till December 2010.