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New Tonido iOS App Update

We are happy to launch a new Tonido iOS App. It is a major update. This update includes bug fixes related to music streaming and photo uploads. Support for larger device resolutions is also added. You can update the app directly from Apple app store. You can download the latest Tonido server from our website.


We are committed in making Tonido as the #1 Personal Cloud server that safeguards your data security, privacy and internet freedom. We thank you for your continued support.

Tech Tip : Create Or Change Application lock In Tonido Android App

To Create a Application lock :

All you need to do is,

Click on the settings icon that appears at the top left corner.



Click on the “manage application lock “.



Then Click on the “Enable Lock”




Draw the pattern to create application lock






Application lock is now created for your tonido app.


To Change the Application lock :

Click on the settings icon that appears at the top left corner

Click on  “Change Lock”.




Draw your old pattern




Now draw your new pattern and confirm






Your Application lock is now changed.


Tech Tip:- How to Switch to Different Account in Tonido

Step 1: Go to Settings and then to Accounts Tab.

Step 2: Scroll Down and click on Switch Account. 2014-05-30_105418

Step 3: You will see the Tonido Login Screen. From the login screen, you can either login with a different account name or create a new account using the New Account button.


*Note: Switch Account  allows you to change the name associated with that computer or TonidoPlug either by switching to different account or by creating a new account

Tech Tip: Setting Remote Login / Answer for More Security in Tonido

1. Click on Settings, and then on Accounts.

2. Click on Remote Login / Answer to set the Question and answer.


3.Enter the Remote Question and Remote Answer and Submit.


4. Now, when you login Tonido drive / Tonido Sync / Tonido Mobile App you have to enter Remote Answer to complete the credentials properly.

*Note: Once you have set the Remote Answer, and you fail to enter it while Login. Your Login will not be successful.


Personal Cloud Tonido Launches New Windows Phone App

Secure, limitless Personal Cloud brings anywhere content access to Windows Phones

AUSTIN, Texas, Apr 24, 2014 — CodeLathe, the leader in personal cloud, today launched a new Windows Phone app for its Tonido personal cloud product. With this new release, Codelathe solidifying its leadership position in offering the best in class mobile apps across all major platforms. The new app is part of its private file sync, sharing and mobile access solution that enables data access anytime and anywhere, from any device.

“As Tonido reaches mainstream – crossing over million users, our users expect our solution to provide the best experience in all major platforms,” said Madhan Kanagavel, CEO of CodeLathe “ With this new Windows Phone app,  we are one of the very few companies that truly support all major mobile platforms. “

The fully redesigned app uses Windows modern UI to improve user experience and takes advantage of all the powerful features of Windows Phone. The app allows users to remotely access files on computer running Tonido using their Windows Phone. Tonido does more than just provide access, it also streams compatible video and misc files from computer to Windows Phones. This release includes some major features similar to the Tonido’s iOS and Android apps. Here are some of the key features of the new Windows Phone 8 app

  • Access all remote files
  • Share files with friends and colleagues
  • Download and upload files from phone
  • Automatically organize your photos, music and video collection
  • Create and Manage music playlists for your music
  • Stream video and music

“We believe in providing a great user experience through a native app that takes advantage of the underlying platform,”   said Anis Abdul, CTO of CodeLathe “Our Windows Phone app is designed ground-up for Windows, using all of its capabilities and modern UI.”

The Tonido server app is available for free download at

The Tonido Windows Phone app is available for free on the Windows Store at


Tech Tip :- Restrict folders for Tonido Remote access

Tonido by default shows all your files in your computer or device.

To restrict access to only a few folders that you wish to show remotely, you can follow the steps below:

1. Go to Settings Tab and then Misc, Scroll down to find Allowed Folders.

2.First you want to select the folder, that you wish to show remotely. After adding click on check-box to enable access to only selected Folders.

3.If you want to allow multiple folders, then you should disable the check-box, add the folders required and then re-enable the check-box.

4.The added “allowed folder” can also be deleted.

**Note:- If you do not select any folder and enable the check-box, then no files will be shown.

Tech Tip: Sharing Pictures, Music, Videos and Documents from your computer via Facebook

Sharing  Pictures, Music, Video and Documents via Facebook:

Simple and easy way to share files and folder in facebook:

1. Click on the file you want to share. A small panel will open to your right and hit share in that panel


2. Go to Advanced Options.


3. Right above you will see Facebook icon. Click on it and Share via Facebook.


Sharing Vacation pics folder in a single link.


Now you can share this link on your timeline or send a private message to your friend.

Happy Holidays from Team Tonido

In this season of gratitude, we are thankful for your continued support.


Wishing you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

iOS App v5.0.2 available in Apple Appstore

The new iOS app v5.0.2 is available for download in Apple Appstore. This has changes based on user feedback.

  • Artists view now will show Albums of Artists as well as an option to go to “All songs” by that artist
  • Video view has new tab to show Recently added video files to allow quick access. This requires you to update to the latest Tonido server v4.68
  • More stability fixes and usability fixes




As always we value your feedback and comments. let us know your thoughts via our forum or facebook and don’t forget to rate and review the app in the appstore!

Announcing Beta for New Android App for Tonido!

We have been developing a new Android App for Tonido and is now available for limited beta testing.  This is your chance to get a preview of the app before it hits the appstores and provide feedback!

This is a completely rewritten app similar to the iOS App and leverages all the latest Android facilities. Some of the highlights of this app are

  1. HTTP Live streaming support – Enables playback of a large number of video formats
  2. New layouts optimized for Tablet and Phones
  3. Edit support enablement
  4. Share/Email support
  5. New music player with music playlist support
  6. New photo viewer interface

The new Tonido app requires Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0) or higher

You can see some of the screenshots of the new app here!


Please download the new Tonido Android APK from our forum.

Please post your feedback (crash, behavior, flow or anything else) with the following information at our forum:

  1. Application version
  2. Your device name
  3. Your Android Version
  4. Any specific methods to recreate the problem (if any)
  5. Screenshot (if applicable)

Thank you and we hope to improve the app based on your valuable feedback and submit it to appstore real soon!