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Personal Cloud Tonido Debuts Next Generation Sync Client and Powers Intel® Home Media Software

We are excited to announce the release of next generation Tonido Sync/Backup client. Unlike the older version, the new sync client enables one to backup/sync multiple local folders to remote folders in Tonido server and vice versa. The sync client now runs on a set time interval (30 minutes, 1 hour, 2 hours or every 4 hours). One can also choose to sync manually at any time. This new client is great for users who want to backup one or multiple folders to the central Tonido server running on your Home PC or Raspberry PI.

See the New Tonido Sync Client in action below,

The latest Tonido sync/backup can be downloaded from our downloads page.

We are glad to announce that Intel® chose Tonido to power its Home Media Software Solution optimized for 6th generation Intel® Core™ processor-based desktop PCs. Intel’s Home Media Software enables you to access enjoy all your photos, videos, and documents, wherever you go. It includes Tonido home server as well as Plex media server software.

Intel’s Home Media Software promotional video is given below,

Our goal is to enable Personal Cloud in every PC. We like the new sync/backup client and we hope you like it too.

Tonido v now available

We are happy to announce the immediate availability of Tonido Desktop Version 5.80 for all platforms, Windows, Mac OSX, Linux 32 and 64-bit, TonidoPlug and the Raspberry Pi.

The following list is the main set of changes for this release.

v – July 24, 2014

  • – Support for Raspberry Pi
  • – Support for Ubuntu Linux 64 bit (12.04 and greater)
  • – Fix crash when stopping movie playback during transcoding
  • – Mix of uppercase and lowercase guests is no longer supported
  • – Webshare: Share option to be removed for guest listings
  • – Webshare: Fix issues with sharing dialog
  • – Webshare: Single image shared to guest user doesn’t open correctly
  • – PHP Support has been removed

Tonido v4.79.0.26297 Available Now

A new update for Tonido Desktop on Windows, Mac, Linux and TonidoPlug is available now.

This has a single critical fix for the issue where private shared files cannot be downloaded by guest users.


Tonido Server and Tonido Drive v4.75.0.25764 Available Now

Happy New year and The first of 2014 Tonido server updates is now available for all OS versions.

This build focuses primarily on the indexing functionality as well as miscellaneous bug fixes.

Specify media type to index in a folder

With this build, it is possible to index only Audio/photos/videos and any combination of the three. By default all the three types of media will be indexed.





Enabled Large Image Caching 

Tonido’s Prepare media capability and Indexing functionality used to cache only the thumbnail images. With this build, thumb nail and larger versions of the image will be cached resulting in significant improvement in  access performance using mobile apps.


Bug fixes:

Preserve Audio Metadata Case: The indexed audio metadata read via MP3’s ID3 Tags or from FLAC files will be maintained. This requires re-indexing of the audio files

Maintain Audio Album’s Track Number: The default view of an album will be sorted using track number of the audio files

Robust FLAC file metadata extraction: There were instances of incorrect strings being extracted for FLAC files. These have been fixed.

Access history for public shares: This build fixes the access logs of public shares.

Stability improvements: A number of fixes have been rolled into this release to improve the server stability.



Tonido Drive Changes:

As a part of this release, Tonido Drive has also been updated.

The Tonido Drive has been significantly updated to improve stability and performance as well as fixing a number of bugs.

Some of the important fixes are

– Fixes a bug that prevents access of root drives (Drive_x type of folders)

– Handles server side updates correctly

– Improves performance for Microsoft Office Document editing



The release notes are available here

We would love to hear from you. Please let us know of your feedback via our forums or via Facebook.


Tonido Bug Fix Release 4.69 now available

Tonido 4.69 is now available with several bug fixes:

  • Make folder songs indexed using track number
  • Make it easy to set the indexed folders in getting started
  • Revamp Sharing Options Dialog box
  • Show Drives directly instead of inside “Drives”
  • Add confirmation saying that original files will be deleted
  • Sharing list is sorted by most recent at top
  • and several other bug fixes

This release is available on Tonido Desktop (Windows, Mac and Linux) and on the TonidoPlug.

Tonido Bug Fix release 4.68 now available

A bug fix release 4.68 is now available for Tonido Desktop and TonidoPlug.

This has some small but important bug fixes.

  • Fix skipping folders when encountering media indexing errors
  • Fixed bug in video data retrieval
  • Fixed issue in Tonido Drive (Cloud Drive) when editing word documents

Tonido now supports Automatic Media Indexing in Version 4.67

Starting today, with the Tonido Desktop 4.67 release, we are now making media (photos, videos and music) access and management much much simpler and powerful.

Tonido now supports automatic indexing of your media to organize them and make it available through the new “Photos, Videos, Music” sections.

Support for the indexed view of your media is now available immediately through the new Tonido iOS app 5.0 as well. Support for Android is coming soon.

This rich media management is not only available for Photos, it is also available for Audio and Videos. See examples below.



Media indexing automatically scans your directories and looks for jpegs and parses the exif data inside to organize the photos by year and then month.  It becomes easy to quickly locate your photos irrespective of how your photos are located across your hard drives.


All your audio files are scanned and then organized using meta data present in the audio files. In the absence of meta data, it will use information from the folder name and the file name to make reasonable guesses of the song, artist and album names.


All videos are also added to the index, and can be sorted by name or date and played back effortlessly on your iOS device.

Managing your Indexing

By default, on startup, Tonido will index the default music, videos and photos folders on Windows and Mac OSX. Users can change the folders to index by going to Settings->Misc tab and adding or removing folders.

As always, Tonido offers you choices and options with media indexing.

You can choose to completely disable Media Indexing by deselecting the “Enable Indexing” option.

You can also select how re-indexing happens. By default, re-indexing happens automatically about every 12 hours if changes are detected inside the indexed folders. Note that re-indexing is designed to be pretty fast, on a Mac OSX mac mini server, re-indexing over 30,000 photos and 11,000 songs just takes about 5 seconds!

If you don’t want to do automatic indexing you can choose “Manual” indexing and you can initiate a new indexing process to run only by clicking on “Index Now”. Note that you can always run a manual indexing process at any time by clicking on “Index Now” button.

Controls Importing iTunes Playlists

We had introduced automatic importing of iTunes playlists in a previous version, but in 4.67 we now support managing this a bit better. You can disable the iTunes playlist import if you want. You can also change the location of your iTunes library location in case it is located in a different directory than the default. This can now be changed by using the Settings->Misc tab.

Tonido Desktop 4.67 is now available immediately on Windows, Mac OSX, Linux and TonidoPlug.

As always, we are working hard in making Tonido Desktop the best Personal Cloud solution on the planet.

We look forward to your continued support, feedback, comments



Tonido introduces Automatic Media Indexing in upcoming 4.x

Even though it took longer, we wanted to do it right the first time. So here’s the next generation of Tonido software coming soon to Windows, Mac, Linux and the Plug with full automatic media indexing.

Here’s a sneak peek on the iOS app that will be released soon.

Announcing Tonido Desktop 3.66

A new Tonido Desktop version 3.66 is now out.

Recursive File Search

A new file search that recursively searches files for a single folder is now integrated into the web user interface.

Clicking on “Search Folder” or hitting F3 in the web browser will open the search dialog. You can search for a file name, also filtering by file size or date modified.


Tonido Drive Improvements

Many Tonido Drive improvements are now available in the latest release including improved stability, performance and robustness.


There are a bunch of bugfixes including:

  • Filter clears when file navigation is changed or bookmarks are clicked
  • Add “Open” for PDF files, so PDF files open directly in browser instead of downloading first
  • Fix UI issue which causes entries to repeat multiple times
  • Fix some issues in music player

Tonido now supports iTunes Playlists

Announcing: Tonido 3.65.

This is a update release with several major bug fixes. Updating to this release is highly recommended.

Tonido now supports iTunes Playlist Integration

Listen to your iTunes Playlists from anywhere using Tonido.

Tonido will list your iTunes Playlists inside the music player playlists and you can simply load them and start playing.
Any changes you make to your iTunes playlists will quickly get synched into Tonido and show up inside as well. There is nothing to do!
This is supported on Windows and Mac, and requires that the iTunes app is installed on the computer.

There are also several bug fixes and improvements underneath the hood.

v – Feb 21, 2013

  • – General: Support for syncing iTunes Playlists automatically with Tonido
  • – General: Fix issue where slideshow doesn’t load sometimes
  • – General: After loading playlist, clicking on play will start playing music
  • – General: Slideshow will show bigger slide images
  • – General: Fix Video Player start errors under some conditions
  • – General: Uploading now queues uploads to different folders
  • – General: Show error when flash cannot be detected for upload
  • – General: Add Share in Slideshow view
  • – General: Add album art for flac files
  • – General: Show WebDAV URLs in Share Details
  • – General: Fix malformed XML when windows user names have ‘&’
  • – Sync: Ignore Icon/r files in Mac
  • – Sync: Fix wrongful folder delete when folder is renamed with only case sensitive changes