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Personal Cloud Tonido Debuts Next Generation Sync Client and Powers Intel® Home Media Software

We are excited to announce the release of next generation Tonido Sync/Backup client. Unlike the older version, the new sync client enables one to backup/sync multiple local folders to remote folders in Tonido server and vice versa. The sync client now runs on a set time interval (30 minutes, 1 hour, 2 hours or every 4 hours). One can also choose to sync manually at any time. This new client is great for users who want to backup one or multiple folders to the central Tonido server running on your Home PC or Raspberry PI.

See the New Tonido Sync Client in action below,

The latest Tonido sync/backup can be downloaded from our downloads page.

We are glad to announce that Intel® chose Tonido to power its Home Media Software Solution optimized for 6th generation Intel® Core™ processor-based desktop PCs. Intel’s Home Media Software enables you to access enjoy all your photos, videos, and documents, wherever you go. It includes Tonido home server as well as Plex media server software.

Intel’s Home Media Software promotional video is given below,

Our goal is to enable Personal Cloud in every PC. We like the new sync/backup client and we hope you like it too.

File Synchronization Performance Benchmarks – Tonido vs. Dropbox

Users’ desire to access their content from anywhere  and the Proliferation of smart phones, tablets and game boxes like Xbox, PS3 in modern homes  and has created a  new market category of Personal Cloud solutions. Various research reports from leading research firms predict that the next decade will be an era of Personal Clouds and forecast the active accounts associated with personal cloud storage services will exceed 1 billion at the end of 2013.

When it comes to Personal Clouds, There are mainly 2 schools of thought

  1. Personal Cloud based on Public Cloud (Yeah  It is kind of Oxymoron).  Ex: Dropbox and Google Drive are major offerings in this category
  2. Self hosted Personal cloud solutions like Tonido, arkOS, OwnCloud and others

We (Tonido, FileCloud) are one of the early proponent of Personal Cloud and self hosted cloud concept. Now we can confidently say our Personal Cloud server,  mobile apps, sync and drive clients can give serious competition to popular public cloud compatriots in terms of functionality, UX, Performance and value. You don’t have to take our word for it.  Do your own research.  Check our mobile apps rating in the respective app stores, Read independent media reviews or check out user reviews of Tonido in popular news forums or just try the Tonido software by downloading from here.

But when you compete with multi-billion dollar behemoths like Google or Dropbox for a market share , it is imperative to change the narrative to objectivity and bring quantitative numbers to the table.If we are going to compete in terms of perception, it is a lost case and we don’t have the resources to pull it off.

So we did a comparison study between Tonido Sync vs. Dropbox’ s  two way file synchronization performance within LAN.  When the Tonido server and sync client is on the same LAN network,  our Smart LAN switch technology enables direct file, media sync  instead of going through our relay servers. In similar fashion, Dropbox’s LAN Sync  enables faster sync if two clients are on the same LAN. The benchmark results based on our tests will prove the merits of  Tonido Personal Cloud in an objective fashion. Based on our user metrics over the years, we estimate 70-80% of access happens within home LAN and the remaining 30% of access happens over WAN.  So it is very important to provide a superior experience when the access or sync happens within the home LAN and Tonido provides that superior experience.

Test Setup:  Tonido Sync vs. Dropbox Clients

Both computers under test are situated in the same LAN, connected to the same router and ran the latest versions of Dropbox and Tonido software.


Test Results: Two way File Synchronization Performance in LAN (Tonido Sync vs. Dropbox)



Based on our findings, In Average, Tonido Sync is 3 to 5 times faster than Dropbox in the same LAN. Let us know your experience in the comments.

If you are looking a secure file sync software that is trusted by 1000s of enterprise users for file synchronization, then try FileCloud. FileCloud offers the best in class file and folder sync for small and large enterprises. Learn more!

Announcing Tonido Release 2.51

A new Tonido release 2.51 is now out with some major Sync bug fixes and other minor fixes.


There is now a additional feature of temperature monitoring of internal SATA HDD with warning and shutdown protection if temperature exceeds a threshold.


If you are using sync, it is recommended to upgrade to 2.51 on your server as well as on the sync clients as soon as possible.

On some Windows computers, Sync was unable to complete synching files from the server because a specific WIN32 API call was failing causing “File Access Denied” exceptions. This has now been worked around.

For the complete release notes, please see


Tonido Release 2.50 Beta now available

The next major update for the Tonido platform is 3.0, but we are planning on releasing an intermediate update which will be Tonido 2.50.

Before a public release, we are releasing the beta version of 2.50 to the general public for feedback.  Please see end of the post for download links.
Please let us know of any issues in our forums. (

Major Changes:

Tonido Guests now can use the same Web UI as admins.

Guest login will use the same richer user interface as the admin user. However, guest users will only see the folders that are shared with them and they cannot browse and access anything else.


Much Faster Thumbnail Generation

Thumbnail image generation is more than 5x faster, this makes a huge difference on the TonidoPlug.

Control over Automatic WAN/LAN switch and Network Interface

More fine grained controls on these settings to disable Automatic WAN/LAN switch as well as the network interface to bind to.

Tonido on Mac OSX

Tonido now on the OS X menubar

Tonido now on the OS X menubar

Tonido Sync Updates

  • Fixed several problems causing sync to hang
  • Sync performance improved dramatically when handling a large number of small files
  • Updated sync client
  • Can now change the sync location via the client

Tonido Drive Updates

  • Tonido Drive now supports guest login

Reduced Memory Usage of Tonido app

  • Direct result of P2P features dropped Tonido now uses less memory and will be snappier

More Useful Stats

  • Tonido now shows your WAN address, total uptime and total files and data served.

Misc Bug Fixes

  • Fix issue with creating folders with WebDAV using NetDrive
  • Fix crash with Jukebox with certain malformed tags
  • Fix crash on Mac OSX when playing video and some audio files
  • And much much more, many inside the hood.

Download the Beta

Note: The installs contain Webshare, Explorer, Search, Sync only. You cannot combine this release with other older apps from before 2.50 as they will be incompatible. So if you are using other apps than those, they will be suspended and cannot be enabled.  However, with the final release, all your apps will work.

Tonido Desktop

Tonido Sync Clients

Tonido Drive Client





Tonido 3.0: Improved Sync Client

A preview of some of the enhancements coming to the Sync Client in Tonido 3.0.

The sync client has been significantly enhanced to handle a lot of files efficiently and faster. In addition to the under the hood enhancements, here are some of the visible changes.

Force Sync: Forces a check for file changes so those can be synced to the server

Improved Stats: Shows the file size as well as number of files synced, so it is easier to track

Change Location: Change the location of the Tonido Sync folder quickly and easily via the UI without editing XML files. This will also copy the contents of the TonidoSync folder into the new location.

Reset all Sync Data: Clears all Synchronization data stored in the database so that the client will start from a fresh slate

Announcing Tonido Release 2.35

This has several major improvements and upgrading is recommended for all of our users.

Note: Backwards compatibility warning: For TonidoSync users on Linux and MacOSX, please see below for an backwards incompatible change

Tonido Money is Back

Due to popular demand, Tonido Money is now available for install in the list of applications.

Faster UI Loading

We added several optimizations to make the UI load load significantly faster.

Fixes PHP Support on TonidoPlug2

This releases fixes the broken PHP based apps on the TonidoPlug like Fitness and TonidoShell.

Prepare Media Support

In many cases it might be useful to prepare your media before remote use, especially large photos so that when shared, they appear instantly without any time spent on creating thumbnails and slide show images.

To prepare a folder and all contents within the sub-folders, simply open the folder’s context menu and choose “Prepare Media”.


To view the status of the “Prepare Media”, you can open Settings->Misc and check “Running Jobs”.


Share Current Folder

It is easier to share the current folder you are browsing.


Image Rotate Support

It is now possible to rotate images when you are viewing them in the image gallery. This makes it a handy took to fix those pesky non-rotated photos before sharing.


Tonido Sync

  • Backwards Incompatible Change: If you had changed the default TonidoSync location by editing the XML file, the syncclientconfig.xml file is now stored in a different location . So YOU NEED to make the change in the new XML file in the new location before upgrading to new TonidoSync. Please see
  • Tonido Sync now fixes a critical issue where it was not detecting changes in sub-folders below the top level folders on Linux and TonidoPlug.
  • TonidoSync now correctly shows the name of the user who updated the file instead of just showing original user who created the file
  • TonidoSync doesn’t sync files in active use

Other Fixes

  • WebsharePro shows saved custom header instead of clearing it
  • MediaServer now sorts files and folders alphabetically

Announcing Tonido Release 2.34

A new Tonido bug fix release is out with the following fixes:

  1. Image Gallery: Shows wrong images when other non-images were present
  2. URLs for Webshare Email, Workspace and Jukebox guest URLs were formatted incorrectly
  3. Webshare: MP3 files are downloaded when clicked instead of playing in the browser
  4. Explorer: Favorite locations weren’t navigating properly when allowed folders were set
  5. Sync: Allow changing sync folder
  6. Sync: Default action in Sync app in Mac now opens Sync Folder instead of settings
  7. Sync now allows filenames with . in the front to sync
  8. Sync Activity viewer now allows sorting
  9. Sync Activity viewer allows opening file/folder location when item is double-clicked

Upgrading to this release is recommended for all users.

Announcing Tonido Release 2.31

This is a patch release for Sync issues found in the last beta as well as some other general fixes. We recommend upgrading to this release.

We also recommend upgrading your Tonido Sync clients running on your other computers to this version.

Tonido Sync

  • Fix “Quota exceeded” messages under some conditions
  • Added “Sync” in home page
  • Added “My Synced Files” in the Tonido Navigation tree if “Sync” is installed
  • Show Sync Activity and Sync Status in “My Synced Files”


Tonido Sync Client Updates

  • Support for HTTPS (SSL) connections
  • Add “Check for New Version” option to check if there is a newer version
  • Fix missing dependencies on Linux installer

Other Fixes

  • Improved transcoding performance in TonidoPlug
  • Fixed IE9 WebsharePro Upload button not appearing issue
  • Fixed Tonido UI navigation issue when left hand side doesn’t have a folder listing that right hand side shows.
  • Other minor fixes

Announcing Tonido Personal Cloud Sync

It has been about 2 years since the launch of Tonido and TonidoPlug and it has been a period of solid growth and progress in many fronts. One of the key things we have been doing is listening to your feedback and using that to drive our product development strategy.

CodeLathe as a company strongly believes in empowering customers as well in solutions where the user has ultimately the control on their data. Today, we are more than excited to announce one such feature as part of the already strong Tonido Platform. Tonido already offers smooth and simple remote access to your files and media, today we take it one step further allowing Tonido to be your sync solution that keeps your files completely private.

CodeLathe is happy to announce Tonido Sync, one of the first products of its kind, offering file synchronization without using the Public Cloud. Now sync is truly personal.


So exactly how does it work?


Step 1:

Install Tonido on your computer. Install the Sync Application by clicking on “Get More Apps” on the left hand side navigation. After install, activate the Sync app.


After activation, a new TonidoSync folder is created on your computer or TonidoPlug.

To see the location of your synced folder, open Tonido and in the left hand navigation, you should now see the “My Synced Files” show up.


Step 2:

Go to other computers that you want to synchronize and install the small TonidoSync Client app for your OS, available from the Downloads Page. (available for Windows, Linux or Mac).



After install, start the app and enter the Tonido server credentials, same as what you would do for mobile apps.


A new TonidoSync folder is created on your computer.

Step 3:

There is no step 3!

Sit back and Relax. All content in the TonidoSync folder is now synchronized among all your computers.  Just drag and drop your files to the synchronization folder and it is synchronized with all your computers.

You can check the synchronization activity using the TonidoSync Client app.



This is available in Tonido release 2.30 available today on all platforms Windows, Linux, Mac and TonidoPlug.

Current Limitations:

During the beta, there is a limit of 250 MB for sync that is allowed and the maximum file size you can synchronize will be limited to 20 MB. Also, since it is in Beta, we request that you keep backup copies of your data when using it.

As usual, please keep the support, feedback and comments coming.