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Tonido Bug Fix release 4.68 now available

A bug fix release 4.68 is now available for Tonido Desktop and TonidoPlug.

This has some small but important bug fixes.

  • Fix skipping folders when encountering media indexing errors
  • Fixed bug in video data retrieval
  • Fixed issue in Tonido Drive (Cloud Drive) when editing word documents

Tonido Release 2.50 Beta now available

The next major update for the Tonido platform is 3.0, but we are planning on releasing an intermediate update which will be Tonido 2.50.

Before a public release, we are releasing the beta version of 2.50 to the general public for feedback.  Please see end of the post for download links.
Please let us know of any issues in our forums. (

Major Changes:

Tonido Guests now can use the same Web UI as admins.

Guest login will use the same richer user interface as the admin user. However, guest users will only see the folders that are shared with them and they cannot browse and access anything else.


Much Faster Thumbnail Generation

Thumbnail image generation is more than 5x faster, this makes a huge difference on the TonidoPlug.

Control over Automatic WAN/LAN switch and Network Interface

More fine grained controls on these settings to disable Automatic WAN/LAN switch as well as the network interface to bind to.

Tonido on Mac OSX

Tonido now on the OS X menubar

Tonido now on the OS X menubar

Tonido Sync Updates

  • Fixed several problems causing sync to hang
  • Sync performance improved dramatically when handling a large number of small files
  • Updated sync client
  • Can now change the sync location via the client

Tonido Drive Updates

  • Tonido Drive now supports guest login

Reduced Memory Usage of Tonido app

  • Direct result of P2P features dropped Tonido now uses less memory and will be snappier

More Useful Stats

  • Tonido now shows your WAN address, total uptime and total files and data served.

Misc Bug Fixes

  • Fix issue with creating folders with WebDAV using NetDrive
  • Fix crash with Jukebox with certain malformed tags
  • Fix crash on Mac OSX when playing video and some audio files
  • And much much more, many inside the hood.

Download the Beta

Note: The installs contain Webshare, Explorer, Search, Sync only. You cannot combine this release with other older apps from before 2.50 as they will be incompatible. So if you are using other apps than those, they will be suspended and cannot be enabled.  However, with the final release, all your apps will work.

Tonido Desktop

Tonido Sync Clients

Tonido Drive Client





Announcing Tonido Drive

We are happy to announce another addition to the TonidoPro family of applications, the Tonido Drive.
Tonido Drive will also work for our existing WebsharePro customers and all TonidoPlug owners.

Until now, in Windows OS, the primary way to access any computer running Tonido software is via Web browser. In cases where WebsharePro is installed in Tonido server, WebDAV clients could be used to expose the Tonido server as drive. However, the WebDAV implementation in windows have been quite buggy and generally unusable.  TonidoDrive solves this problem for windows users by providing a robust and custom solution to expose the Tonido server as a network drive to the Windows operating system.

Now you can access your files and folders as a normal windows folder!  This ideal for accessing all your documents and pictures with minimum hassle.


Some of the features of TonidoDrive are

  • TonidoDrive can be installed on Window XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7
  • TonidoDrive operates seamlessly with Tonido Security, including Folder access restrictions
  • TonidoDrive can expose any Tonido server enabled computer (Windows, Linux, MacOS) or TonidoPlug as a Windows network drive
  • TonidoDrive will automatically use local LAN IP to access Tonido enabled device to optimize access speeds.
  • TonidoDrive is built on a robust Windows file system driver that is known for its reliability and security.

The TonidoDrive will expose the Tonido enabled device as a Windows Network Drive and allows all Windows File system operations: Read, Write, Drag-and-Drop, Rename, delete. In short,  The TonidoDrive is just like an another disk drive in your computer.


The system tray icon provides all the controls needed to manage to TonidoDrive. The TonidoDrive uses a local cache to reduce latency, so your data can be accessed with minimal delay!

TonidoDrive Settings


The TonidoDrive is being released a beta at this point and we will release the final version in coming days after beta phase. You can learn more and download it here.

As always, Please let us know your comments, questions and suggestions via our Forums