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Tonido and FileCloud Windows Phone 8 App in Beta

We are pleased to announce the beta of our fully redesigned Windows Phone 8 app for Tonido and FileCloud.

Some of the features are

1. Built from ground up to take advantage of Windows 8 facilities

2. Modern UI to improve user experience

3. Full support for Tonido’s indexing features such as access Music, Photos and Video library

4. Supports mulitple accounts similar to the iOS and Android Application


This is your chance to get a preview as well as provide feedback. Here is how.

If you have a windows 8 phone and would like to take part in the beta,  Please send your microsoft email id to support @ with the subject “Windows Phone 8 App Beta”  and we will provide beta access to the app.


Here are some of the screenshots of the application





Enterprise File Sharing in FileCloud

Enterprise File Sharing (EFS) has come a long way from sharing mapped drives to sharing files via email with internal and external users. However, in recent days enterprises are demanding that EFS System to be an all-inclusive product that addresses a number of features such as security, mobile access, groups, network files, audit logs, emails, and integration with other enterprise products.

FileCloud addresses all the above features and much more. In this blog, I will discuss in detail the File Sharing features and capabilities of FileCloud.

Public Share…It cannot be any simpler

Upload, share and email all from FileCloud. File Sharing cannot get any simpler. Once the File or Folder is in FileCloud, you can simply create a share and even send an email from the FileCloud interface. By this process, FileCloud creates a public share which means that anyone can access the file through the File Share link.

Additionally, when a public share is created, you can allow uploads to that public share folder.

Private Share & Additional Security

Once the share is created, you can choose to modify permissions and select an existing user or add a new user to share the file. By this process, FileCloud creates a private share. To access the shared file the user must have an active account and login into the FileCloud.

Additionally, you can set permissions on your share to allow Read, Write (with upload size limit) and Share with an expiration date.  This feature allows users to upload file or delete a file from a share and also re-share the file or folder to other users.

Re-Share a Share

When you receive a file or folder as a public or private Share FileCloud allows you to re-share the file or folder to a different user.  All the more, the ability to re-share can be set when the share is originally created.

Share to a Group of Users

Admin can create a group and add a bunch of users to the group. Users can share a file to the group as a private share. Any user in the group can log-in to view the shared file.

Share from a Network

Admin can create a network share from the FileCloud admin portal. Once a network share is created, the files and folders in the network shares are accessible in the FileCloud User Interface and users can create a share and set the permissions to AD users or local users added through FileCloud.

Integration with Active Directory and LDAP

FileCloud can be integrated with your existing AD and LDAP system.  Thereby, all AD/LDAP users can immediately start using File Sharing features of FileCloud. Additionally, admins can add an AD group and its users directly in the FileCloud admin portal.

 BYOD support

No File Sharing System is complete with support for BYOD (Bring Your Own Device).  FileCloud supports a range of mobile systems from iPhone, iPad, android, android tablets, Windows Phone, Windows Tablet and Blackberry. Users can create a share and access a share through all these mobile devices.

Audit Log

Logs are created when Shares are created and accessed. The log indicates who did what to what share when and how.  You can view and export this audit log through the admin portal.

Integration with MS Outlook

Beta version of FileCloud MS Outlook add-in is available. Once installed, users can (a) Upload a file to FileCloud and share the file as a link or attachment through email (b) Share and email a file or folder that is already in FileCloud directly through outlook. In essence, users no longer have to worry about file size limits when emailing a file, save time and improve efficiency when sharing files.

I hope you got a complete overview of all the features and capabilities of Enterprise File Sharing in FileCloud. With our recent release of version 3.0, we have addressed many other features. FileCloud is a secure file sharing software that is trusted by 1000s of organizations across 90 countries for enterprise file sharing. Click here to learn why FileCloud is the fastest growing Enterprise File Sharing and Sync (EFSS) solution!
If you have any new feature requests, please let us know. To get your trial version of FileCloud, please visit

New Tonido for Windows Phone 7 Release 1.1

We are happy to announce an update to our Windows Phone 7 app on the Windows Marketplace. This release 1.1 adds some great improvements and performance updates.


  1. You can now share a file or any folder as a Tonido share from your Mobile phone
  2. You can now mark a specific file or folder as Favorites, allowing you full favorite management from your phone
  3. If your WP7 phone and your Tonido device are connected to the same LAN network, then WP7 app will access your content via the LAN without going through the WAN which translates to super fast download and access!

Enjoy and don’t forget to rate our app in the Marketplace.

Announcing Tonido App for Windows Phone 7

We are are happy to announce our Tonido mobile App for Windows Phone. With this latest addition to our stable, we now have mobile support on iOS (iPhone/iPod/iPad), Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone 7. You are covered whatever you use.

The Tonido Windows Phone app offers basic Tonido features such as:

1. Login into your remote Tonido device (a computer running Tonido or a TonidoPlug). Tonido App stores your credentials so that you need not re-enter your Tonido login/password every time.

WP7 Login Page

WP7 Login Page

WP7 Start Page

WP7 Start Page

2. Browse your files, folders and favorites in the remote computer. Open Word, Excel, Powerpoint and PDF files. You have option to save the file using the app that opened the file. When you open a file e.g word document, you have an option to save the file using the Windows Office App. Later, you can accessed the saved file, by opening the Windows Office app.

WP7 Browse Folders and Files

WP7 Browse Folders and Files

3. Quickly browse your pictures

WP7 View Image

WP7 View Image

4. Stream your music, and listen to your music in the background

WP7 Music Player

WP7 Music Player

5.Download music and image files to your Windows phone. Since windows phone doesn’t allow data access between apps, Tonido app allows downloading only media files. If you want to download other type files, you can open the file and save it using the corresponding app. e.g when you open a word document, you have an option to save the file using the Windows Office App.

WP7 Select Files to Download

WP7 Select Files to Download

WP7 Download Status

WP7 Download Status

Expect more features in the future releases.  Thank your for your continued support.

The most important help you can do is to give us  ratings in the market place and great feedback.

Please feel free to send us your feedback our way as it helps us fix issues  and make other improvements.

Please post in our Tonido on Mobile Forums.