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Automatic Photo and Video Backup using Tonido iOS app!

One of the most important features of public cloud services like Dropbox,  iCloud etc is the ability to automatically upload photos and videos of the mobile devices without user intervention. This is a very convenient feature and knowing that your photos and videos are always  tucked away in a safe  location is a great feeling. Unfortunately, with the amount of photos and videos generated by the mobile devices, the storage size can balloon resulting in a) costly storage fee b) requiring constant management of images/videos to free up more space. Further, your personal photos are stored in a 3rd party server where your data privacy, security and ownership is a big question mark.

ALL that changes with Tonido, where you own your storage and is completely run and managed by you!

With the latest Tonido iOS App and Tonido server (Both free upgrades of course!) you can now get this feature in your very own private cloud. No more storage fee, No more subscriptions, privacy concerns! you simply slap in a cheap hard disk and point it to Tonido to use it for backing up your photos and videos.

This functionality is currently available only in the Tonido iOS app and will soon be coming to the Android version as well.

So, What is needed?

1. The latest Tonido iOS app from Apple appstore (v7.0).

2. Latest Tonido server (As of Feb 10, it is v4.77.0.25919) . To update, simply go to Settings->General -> “Check for Updates” and follow prompts.

and here is how to enable it


Top 5 Music Streaming Services for iOS

In today’s day and age, everything is moving over the air to the cloud. With this, everyone is able to access their data wirelessly through the cloud. Streaming music is one of the most popular uses of cloud data storage and with the power of smartphones in almost everybody’s pockets these days, it’s now easier than ever. This article will give you the low-down of which applications on iOS devices are the cream of the crop as far as music streaming goes, in no particular order.

  1. Tonido (free) 

Tonido is a fantastic application available for both the iPhone and iPad. What’s especially attractive about this application is the ability to run your own personal cloud server from which you can stream your music from. This allows you to stream exactly the songs you know and love directly from your own personal cloud. Simply install the companion server application on your computer and your iOS device will immediately load all of your data, whether it’s documents, images, or music. Another great feature of this application is the ability to select the bitrate of the music you’re streaming. If you’re low on data, you can choose to stream a lower bitrate. On the other hand, if you have unlimited data, you can freely stream at 320 kbps without a hassle. Most other music streaming applications generally are restricted to 128 or 256kbps, so this feature is a welcome addition to Tonido. The application is currently free in the iOS App Store.

2. iTunes Radio (free)

iTunes Radio is Apple’s own brainchild. It’s baked directly into the music application on both the iPhone and iPad. Users simply enter a song that they enjoy which will basically create an internet radio station with music similar to the song you chose. It also streams music at the higher quality bitrate of 256 kbps which is great. However, it doesn’t allow users to listen to specifically their song of choice. To do that, they require you to purchase the full song and then download it via the store.

 3. Pandora (free)

What’s a top music streaming application list without Pandora, right? This is basically the app that started it all. Apple created their iTunes Radio to combat Pandora’s music streaming service. Like iTunes Radio, users simply create a station with a song they enjoy and the application will play music similar to the one they entered. However, there are two minor downsides to the application. The first is the pesky ads that display every few songs. Another downside is the limited amount of skips per radio station. Nonetheless, Pandora remains an excellent application to stream music through.

4. Spotify (free)

Spotify is a music streaming application that combines the highlights of Tonido and Pandora. While you can select which songs you want to listen to, it’s ad-supported. Of course, you can get rid of the ads by opting to pay a small monthly fee. It’s definitely worth it if you’re a power user, as the application allows you to also download the songs for offline use. You can also use the application on your computer to create playlists which you can listen to on your iOS device, which is quite handy.

5. Rdio (paid subscription)

 Lastly, Rdio is an excellent streaming service for iOS with one major caveat, its monthly subscription fee of $10. However, it features a gorgeous user interface and a vast music library from which to select from, with no ads whatsoever. Also, you can access this service from your computer with these premium features available on that platform as well. Also, you can select the bitrate to stream the music in, which is useful for those with limited data plans. Therefore, this application is great for power users who stream their music from multiple devices rather than just their smartphone.

Overall, these are the best five music-streaming applications for the iOS mobile platform, not in any specific order. If you have any comments or questions, feel free to leave them below.

Tonido Personal Cloud App Revamped for iOS 7

New app release includes a redesigned interface, AirPrint support and improved video playback

AUSTIN, Texas, October 03, 2013 – CodeLathe, the leader in personal cloud products and services, announced today that the company has updated Tonido Mobile to take advantage of the best new features in iOS 7.  The new iPhone and iPad app features a complete overhaul of the user interface, mobile printing via AirPrint and optimized video playback with closed caption support.

“When Apple, Google and Windows make significant updates to their operating systems and hardware, we ensure that Tonido users can take full advantage of new functionality,” said Anis Abdul, CTO of CodeLathe. “In that spirit, we have taken significant steps to optimize Tonido Mobile for iOS 7.”

Tonido Mobile allows iOS, Android and Windows users to access documents, photos, music and videos stored on their home computer from anywhere in the world. The free service provides the accessibility of the cloud without running into the storage limits, costs and security flaws of public cloud storage.

The latest version of iOS app includes three key improvements:

  • Interface Redesign The Tonido user interface was rebuilt from scratch to complement the iOS 7 flat design paradigm.
  • AirPrint Support – iOS users can now print documents directly from the Tonido app using AirPrint, a technology that enables instant printing from Apple devices without the need to download and install drives.
  • Video Optimization – User can now enjoy smoother video playback along with subtitles and text made available through closed caption support.

“iOS users are our top demography and ardent supporters of Tonido Personal Cloud,” said Madhan Kanagavel, founder and CEO of CodeLathe. “Our team has done an excellent job in this redesign to bring the best possible user experience. With this new app launch, we are confident that we will maintain the best personal cloud software in the Apple ecosystem.”

Tonido Personal Cloud may be downloaded for free at

The Tonido iOS app is available here in the iTunes Store

For more information on the Tonido iOS app, visit





Enterprise File Sharing in FileCloud

Enterprise File Sharing (EFS) has come a long way from sharing mapped drives to sharing files via email with internal and external users. However, in recent days enterprises are demanding that EFS System to be an all-inclusive product that addresses a number of features such as security, mobile access, groups, network files, audit logs, emails, and integration with other enterprise products.

FileCloud addresses all the above features and much more. In this blog, I will discuss in detail the File Sharing features and capabilities of FileCloud.

Public Share…It cannot be any simpler

Upload, share and email all from FileCloud. File Sharing cannot get any simpler. Once the File or Folder is in FileCloud, you can simply create a share and even send an email from the FileCloud interface. By this process, FileCloud creates a public share which means that anyone can access the file through the File Share link.

Additionally, when a public share is created, you can allow uploads to that public share folder.

Private Share & Additional Security

Once the share is created, you can choose to modify permissions and select an existing user or add a new user to share the file. By this process, FileCloud creates a private share. To access the shared file the user must have an active account and login into the FileCloud.

Additionally, you can set permissions on your share to allow Read, Write (with upload size limit) and Share with an expiration date.  This feature allows users to upload file or delete a file from a share and also re-share the file or folder to other users.

Re-Share a Share

When you receive a file or folder as a public or private Share FileCloud allows you to re-share the file or folder to a different user.  All the more, the ability to re-share can be set when the share is originally created.

Share to a Group of Users

Admin can create a group and add a bunch of users to the group. Users can share a file to the group as a private share. Any user in the group can log-in to view the shared file.

Share from a Network

Admin can create a network share from the FileCloud admin portal. Once a network share is created, the files and folders in the network shares are accessible in the FileCloud User Interface and users can create a share and set the permissions to AD users or local users added through FileCloud.

Integration with Active Directory and LDAP

FileCloud can be integrated with your existing AD and LDAP system.  Thereby, all AD/LDAP users can immediately start using File Sharing features of FileCloud. Additionally, admins can add an AD group and its users directly in the FileCloud admin portal.

 BYOD support

No File Sharing System is complete with support for BYOD (Bring Your Own Device).  FileCloud supports a range of mobile systems from iPhone, iPad, android, android tablets, Windows Phone, Windows Tablet and Blackberry. Users can create a share and access a share through all these mobile devices.

Audit Log

Logs are created when Shares are created and accessed. The log indicates who did what to what share when and how.  You can view and export this audit log through the admin portal.

Integration with MS Outlook

Beta version of FileCloud MS Outlook add-in is available. Once installed, users can (a) Upload a file to FileCloud and share the file as a link or attachment through email (b) Share and email a file or folder that is already in FileCloud directly through outlook. In essence, users no longer have to worry about file size limits when emailing a file, save time and improve efficiency when sharing files.

I hope you got a complete overview of all the features and capabilities of Enterprise File Sharing in FileCloud. With our recent release of version 3.0, we have addressed many other features. FileCloud is a secure file sharing software that is trusted by 1000s of organizations across 90 countries for enterprise file sharing. Click here to learn why FileCloud is the fastest growing Enterprise File Sharing and Sync (EFSS) solution!
If you have any new feature requests, please let us know. To get your trial version of FileCloud, please visit

FileCloud conforms to Gartner research on Enterprise File Synchronization and Sharing

I recently read research study that was published by Gartner on February 2013 on Market Scope for Enterprise File Sharing and Sync (EFSS) solution.   We wanted to see how FileCloud holds up in EFSS market space from a product perspective.  In that study, Gartner identifies features and capability of an EFSS product and additionally, some of these product features are designated as mandatory or optional.

Our analysis revealed that FileCloud meets all the mandatory features outlined in the study. Additionally, FileCloud meets and exceeds a number of optional features mentioned in the study. Click here to compare FileCloud vs. Gartner magic quadrant EFSS players and learn why FileCloud is the fastest growing EFSS!

Mandatory or “must-have” features in an EFSS product as identified by the study.

Features & Capabilities
1. Support for IPad Yes
2. Support for at least 2 the following mobile OS platforms: iOS, android, blackberry or Windows Phone Yes
3. Support for Windows desktops and Notebooks Yes
4. File Sharing
a. Sharing among different devices belonging to the same person Yes
b. Sharing files or data among different applications on the device Yes
c. Sharing files inside and/or outside the organization Yes
d. Choosing share destination Yes
e. Inviting peers Yes
f. Emailing links to shared files Yes
g. Tracking file access Yes
h. Restricting access based on users or usergroups Yes
6. Security: Yes
a. User password authentication Yes
b. Lock out after a given period of inactivity Yes
c. Data encryption on transfer. Yes
d. Remote Wipe. Coming Soon
7. Availability of secure deployment options Yes
8. Integration with LDAP and Active Directory Yes
9. Ownership of data (Data must always belong to enterprise) Yes

Additionally, FileCloud supports a number of optional features and capabilities for an EFSS product as identified by the Gartner study.

Features & Capabilities FileCloud
1. Support for Media Tablets other than iPad Yes
2. Support for more than least 2 the following mobile OS platforms: iOS, android, blackberry or Windows Phone Yes
3. Support for MacOS and Linux Yes
4. Private Cloud and On-premises delivery model Yes
5. Collaboration through version control Yes
6. Integration with 3rd Party applications. Yes
7. API for application developers Yes
8. Certification and compliance through HIPAA Yes

FileCloud is a leading Enterprise File Sharing and Sync (EFSS) solution for Businesses, Enterprises, Universities/Schools, ISPs and Hosting Providers. Click here to learn why FileCloud is the fastest growing Enterprise File Sharing and Sync (EFSS) solution!
You can request a free trial from

Tonido iOS App v5.0.2 Tips

Did you know that “long pressing” elements have additional behavior in Tonido iOS App?

For example, “Long pressing” an audio file in playlist or any of the other music view will queue that song to the current playing list. Tapping the “info” icon on the right will show the path to the audio file


Long pressing on a Photo or a Video file in the indexed view will show the full path to the file.


“Long pressing” any element in “Files” or “Favorites” or “Recent” menu will show the full name and path of the file. This is quite handy when the full name of the file is not shown in listing



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Tonido iOS App Brings Ultra Fast Indexing to Help Families Organize Personal Media

–  New app auto magically organizes photos, music, videos and makes it accessible via iPhone/iPad from anywhere –

Austin, TX — May 14, 2013 — CodeLathe, the leader in Personal Cloud software and services, today launches a major update to its Tonido personal cloud server and iPhone/iPad app that will help families to automatically organize and catalog their personal photos, music and videos. Tonido lets individuals watch videos, listen to music, see photos and open documents that are stored on their computer right from their mobile iOS device. Users can now share their personal media without worrying about the privacy and security of their data.



“Media indexing and organization is one of the most requested features by our user community. When we set out to build this feature, our aim was to achieve a new benchmark in media indexing performance. We are extremely pleased with what we have achieved. For instance, our test results show Tonido takes only a few minutes to index a collection of 31714 photos, 11259 songs, 1734 videos using a Quad Core 2 GHz Intel Core i7, 4 GB RAM Mac OSX 10.7.5 computer. Furthermore, subsequent reindexing of this large media collection takes only 5 seconds. With Tonido’s superior media indexing performance, users can now catalog their large media collection in a few minutes. ” said Anis Abdul, CTO of CodeLathe.

Tonido offers users secure access to their home computer’s entire collection of documents, photos, music and videos from anywhere without uploading it to a public cloud service. Individuals begin by downloading the free Tonido server app on their desktop and the free mobile app onto their iOS device. Employing smart LAN switching technology to use gigabit access speed within home LAN networks, the app safely connects users to the documents stored on their desktop in seconds. Users can also access their files via Wi-Fi or 3G mobile networks, backup their photos and videos from their iPhone/iPad to their Tonido personal cloud, and download files for offline viewing.

“Today, households store terabytes of personal data in the form of photos, music and home videos on their PCs or NAS devices. Organizing this large personal media collection manually is an onerous task. Also, uploading terabytes of personal media to multiple online services for organization is not a practical solution. Tonido’s automatic media indexing and management technology solves this problem elegantly. It automatically catalogues photos, music and videos and makes it accessible from anywhere using one’s iPhone and iPad. Tonido is an extremely useful app for anybody with a large collection of personal media. Management of personal media has never been this easier,” said Madhan Kanagavel, CEO of CodeLathe.


Tonido Features

– Automatic organization of photos by year and month based on EXIF Meta data

– Automatic indexing of music and organize it based on Song, Artist, Genre and Album names

– Automatic, multi-format live video transcoding and streaming (including MOV, MP4, M4V, MPG, MPEG, AVI, VOB, MKV, WMV, XVID, FLV, SWF, OGG, GP3, MTS, M2TS). Requires no manual conversion of video files for playback.

– Automatic multi-format music streaming and playlist support (including FLAC, OGG, WMA, MP3, and more)

– Tonido companion server apps are available for all computer platforms: Windows, Mac OSX and Linux

– Plug-and-Play remote access. No fiddling with router settings

– Easy to remember web URL access to one’s personal computer

– Stream Music and Videos to Apple TV using Airplay

– Listen to an iTunes Playlist from anywhere


The Tonido server app is available for free download at

The Tonido iOS app is available for free on the iTunes App Store at:

For more information on the Tonido iPhone/iPad app, visit:






About CodeLathe:

CodeLathe, founded in 2008, is a pioneer in personal cloud products and services, offering turnkey personal/private cloud storage and sync solutions to leading mobile carriers, enterprises, network and external storage device makers to create value-added products and services. CodeLathe also offers personal cloud software and services directly to customers under its own brand, Tonido. CodeLathe’s mission is to enable customers to run their own personal/private clouds and provide a compelling alternative to public online services. Over half a million devices run Tonido ( personal cloud software and a quarter million users use it daily. CodeLathe is also a maker of the popular portable network attached storage device, TonidoPlug ( Tonido™ and TonidoPlug™ are registered trademarks of CodeLathe LLC.




Tonido now supports Automatic Media Indexing in Version 4.67

Starting today, with the Tonido Desktop 4.67 release, we are now making media (photos, videos and music) access and management much much simpler and powerful.

Tonido now supports automatic indexing of your media to organize them and make it available through the new “Photos, Videos, Music” sections.

Support for the indexed view of your media is now available immediately through the new Tonido iOS app 5.0 as well. Support for Android is coming soon.

This rich media management is not only available for Photos, it is also available for Audio and Videos. See examples below.



Media indexing automatically scans your directories and looks for jpegs and parses the exif data inside to organize the photos by year and then month.  It becomes easy to quickly locate your photos irrespective of how your photos are located across your hard drives.


All your audio files are scanned and then organized using meta data present in the audio files. In the absence of meta data, it will use information from the folder name and the file name to make reasonable guesses of the song, artist and album names.


All videos are also added to the index, and can be sorted by name or date and played back effortlessly on your iOS device.

Managing your Indexing

By default, on startup, Tonido will index the default music, videos and photos folders on Windows and Mac OSX. Users can change the folders to index by going to Settings->Misc tab and adding or removing folders.

As always, Tonido offers you choices and options with media indexing.

You can choose to completely disable Media Indexing by deselecting the “Enable Indexing” option.

You can also select how re-indexing happens. By default, re-indexing happens automatically about every 12 hours if changes are detected inside the indexed folders. Note that re-indexing is designed to be pretty fast, on a Mac OSX mac mini server, re-indexing over 30,000 photos and 11,000 songs just takes about 5 seconds!

If you don’t want to do automatic indexing you can choose “Manual” indexing and you can initiate a new indexing process to run only by clicking on “Index Now”. Note that you can always run a manual indexing process at any time by clicking on “Index Now” button.

Controls Importing iTunes Playlists

We had introduced automatic importing of iTunes playlists in a previous version, but in 4.67 we now support managing this a bit better. You can disable the iTunes playlist import if you want. You can also change the location of your iTunes library location in case it is located in a different directory than the default. This can now be changed by using the Settings->Misc tab.

Tonido Desktop 4.67 is now available immediately on Windows, Mac OSX, Linux and TonidoPlug.

As always, we are working hard in making Tonido Desktop the best Personal Cloud solution on the planet.

We look forward to your continued support, feedback, comments



Tonido introduces Automatic Media Indexing in upcoming 4.x

Even though it took longer, we wanted to do it right the first time. So here’s the next generation of Tonido software coming soon to Windows, Mac, Linux and the Plug with full automatic media indexing.

Here’s a sneak peek on the iOS app that will be released soon.

Announcing Tonido iOS App v4.0.1 for iPhone, iPad and iPod

Hi folks,

A “course correction” update for Tonido iOS v4.0 is now available for download from Apple Appstore. This release is primarily to address some of the needs based on feedback from user community quickly.

The changes in this build are

  • Refresh support for iPhone/iPad (Swipe down a view to refresh)
  • Delete support for local (downloaded) files in iPhone and iPad
  • Support for jumping to the root folder when deep inside a folder tree in iPhone and iPod (iPad version already has that support)
  • Tweaks to music playback, especially when the songs are being transcoded
  • Show full file name in preview pane. This is especially useful when the file name is too long and is being truncated.
  • “Actions” button now available in Recent and Favorite view. Only applicable functions will be available in the drop down menu.
  • Support for saving a photo to photo album. This supports saving RAW files as well to the photo album!
  • Support for creating Favorite lists in iPhone/iPod (iPad version already has this support)
  • Misc bug fixes


We are also working on the next update and would love to hear from you on what YOU need. You can also post in our forums to give feedback.

We depend on you to provide ratings and feedback on Apple App store. So please take some time to provide ratings and feedback as well.