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New Tonido Android App brings Document Storage Provider Support: Attach files to Gmail directly from your Tonido Personal Cloud

The new Tonido 4.0 app has been built with powerful features which provide quick and secure access to your files stored in Tonido Server.

The new Tonido Android app implements DocumentProviders and allows apps with Android Storage Access Framework (SAF) support to browse and choose files directly from Tonido Personal Cloud Server. SAF support is available from Android 4.4.

For instance, one can pick files directly from Tonido Personal Cloud to attach in one’s Gmail. The below figure illustrates the support for document access framework to pick files directly from Tonido Server.

Step 1: Attaching files through Gmail from Tonido Server


Step 2: Browser and select the files from the Tonido Server shown in the left side panel.



Personal Cloud Tonido Brings Secure, Private, Automatic Photo Backups to Android Phones

Secure storage software brings unlimited, hack proof, automatic backup of photos and videos to Android Phones/Tablets

AUSTIN, Texas, Sept. 17, 2014 — CodeLathe, the leader in personal cloud products, has launched a major app release that will allow users to automatically backup their photos and videos from Android Phones/Tablets to their computers running Tonido Personal Cloud software. This new feature is offered completely free to customers and there is no storage limits or subscription fees.

The self-hosted, personal cloud solution allows users to view documents, play music, browse photos, watch videos and share files without storing it in public online services. Individuals begin by downloading the free Tonido server app on their desktop and the free mobile app onto their Android device. The app safely connects users to the documents stored on their desktop in seconds. Users can access their files via Wi-Fi or 3G mobile networks and automatically backup their photos and videos from Android to their Tonido personal cloud.

“Time and time again, popular public cloud online services are proving that they are not safe for storing private photos or documents. The recent celebrity photo hack is an ample proof to that effect.  With Tonido, now users have an alternative choice to public online services. Tonido can provide unlimited photo upload functionality that is order of magnitude more secure than public cloud services” said Madhan Kanagavel, CEO of Codelathe.

Tonido Personal cloud is built from scratch for secure access and private sharing.  Tonido’s distributed architecture, anonymous user name policy and not storing password in servers makes Tonido more secure than public online services.

“One of the most used feature of public cloud services like Dropbox; Google Drive; Apple iCloud etc is the ability to automatically backup photos of the mobile devices without user intervention. With the latest Tonido Android App and Tonido server you can now get this feature in your very own private cloud. No more storage limits, No more security concerns” said Anis Abdul, CTO of CodeLathe.

Tonido Features

  • Free, Unlimited, Automatic backup of photos and videos
  • Automatic, multi-format live video, audio transcoding and streaming
  • Tonido companion server apps are available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux
  • Easy to remember web URL access to your computer

The Tonido server app is available for free download at

The Tonido Android app is available for free on the Android Play Store at



Enterprise File Sharing in FileCloud

Enterprise File Sharing (EFS) has come a long way from sharing mapped drives to sharing files via email with internal and external users. However, in recent days enterprises are demanding that EFS System to be an all-inclusive product that addresses a number of features such as security, mobile access, groups, network files, audit logs, emails, and integration with other enterprise products.

FileCloud addresses all the above features and much more. In this blog, I will discuss in detail the File Sharing features and capabilities of FileCloud.

Public Share…It cannot be any simpler

Upload, share and email all from FileCloud. File Sharing cannot get any simpler. Once the File or Folder is in FileCloud, you can simply create a share and even send an email from the FileCloud interface. By this process, FileCloud creates a public share which means that anyone can access the file through the File Share link.

Additionally, when a public share is created, you can allow uploads to that public share folder.

Private Share & Additional Security

Once the share is created, you can choose to modify permissions and select an existing user or add a new user to share the file. By this process, FileCloud creates a private share. To access the shared file the user must have an active account and login into the FileCloud.

Additionally, you can set permissions on your share to allow Read, Write (with upload size limit) and Share with an expiration date.  This feature allows users to upload file or delete a file from a share and also re-share the file or folder to other users.

Re-Share a Share

When you receive a file or folder as a public or private Share FileCloud allows you to re-share the file or folder to a different user.  All the more, the ability to re-share can be set when the share is originally created.

Share to a Group of Users

Admin can create a group and add a bunch of users to the group. Users can share a file to the group as a private share. Any user in the group can log-in to view the shared file.

Share from a Network

Admin can create a network share from the FileCloud admin portal. Once a network share is created, the files and folders in the network shares are accessible in the FileCloud User Interface and users can create a share and set the permissions to AD users or local users added through FileCloud.

Integration with Active Directory and LDAP

FileCloud can be integrated with your existing AD and LDAP system.  Thereby, all AD/LDAP users can immediately start using File Sharing features of FileCloud. Additionally, admins can add an AD group and its users directly in the FileCloud admin portal.

 BYOD support

No File Sharing System is complete with support for BYOD (Bring Your Own Device).  FileCloud supports a range of mobile systems from iPhone, iPad, android, android tablets, Windows Phone, Windows Tablet and Blackberry. Users can create a share and access a share through all these mobile devices.

Audit Log

Logs are created when Shares are created and accessed. The log indicates who did what to what share when and how.  You can view and export this audit log through the admin portal.

Integration with MS Outlook

Beta version of FileCloud MS Outlook add-in is available. Once installed, users can (a) Upload a file to FileCloud and share the file as a link or attachment through email (b) Share and email a file or folder that is already in FileCloud directly through outlook. In essence, users no longer have to worry about file size limits when emailing a file, save time and improve efficiency when sharing files.

I hope you got a complete overview of all the features and capabilities of Enterprise File Sharing in FileCloud. With our recent release of version 3.0, we have addressed many other features. FileCloud is a secure file sharing software that is trusted by 1000s of organizations across 90 countries for enterprise file sharing. Click here to learn why FileCloud is the fastest growing Enterprise File Sharing and Sync (EFSS) solution!
If you have any new feature requests, please let us know. To get your trial version of FileCloud, please visit

FileCloud conforms to Gartner research on Enterprise File Synchronization and Sharing

I recently read research study that was published by Gartner on February 2013 on Market Scope for Enterprise File Sharing and Sync (EFSS) solution.   We wanted to see how FileCloud holds up in EFSS market space from a product perspective.  In that study, Gartner identifies features and capability of an EFSS product and additionally, some of these product features are designated as mandatory or optional.

Our analysis revealed that FileCloud meets all the mandatory features outlined in the study. Additionally, FileCloud meets and exceeds a number of optional features mentioned in the study. Click here to compare FileCloud vs. Gartner magic quadrant EFSS players and learn why FileCloud is the fastest growing EFSS!

Mandatory or “must-have” features in an EFSS product as identified by the study.

Features & Capabilities
1. Support for IPad Yes
2. Support for at least 2 the following mobile OS platforms: iOS, android, blackberry or Windows Phone Yes
3. Support for Windows desktops and Notebooks Yes
4. File Sharing
a. Sharing among different devices belonging to the same person Yes
b. Sharing files or data among different applications on the device Yes
c. Sharing files inside and/or outside the organization Yes
d. Choosing share destination Yes
e. Inviting peers Yes
f. Emailing links to shared files Yes
g. Tracking file access Yes
h. Restricting access based on users or usergroups Yes
6. Security: Yes
a. User password authentication Yes
b. Lock out after a given period of inactivity Yes
c. Data encryption on transfer. Yes
d. Remote Wipe. Coming Soon
7. Availability of secure deployment options Yes
8. Integration with LDAP and Active Directory Yes
9. Ownership of data (Data must always belong to enterprise) Yes

Additionally, FileCloud supports a number of optional features and capabilities for an EFSS product as identified by the Gartner study.

Features & Capabilities FileCloud
1. Support for Media Tablets other than iPad Yes
2. Support for more than least 2 the following mobile OS platforms: iOS, android, blackberry or Windows Phone Yes
3. Support for MacOS and Linux Yes
4. Private Cloud and On-premises delivery model Yes
5. Collaboration through version control Yes
6. Integration with 3rd Party applications. Yes
7. API for application developers Yes
8. Certification and compliance through HIPAA Yes

FileCloud is a leading Enterprise File Sharing and Sync (EFSS) solution for Businesses, Enterprises, Universities/Schools, ISPs and Hosting Providers. Click here to learn why FileCloud is the fastest growing Enterprise File Sharing and Sync (EFSS) solution!
You can request a free trial from

Tonido Debuts Tablet Ready Android App to Access, Share and Stream Personal Media

– New app optimized for Android tablets makes documents, videos, and music available across desktop and mobile devices –

Austin, TX – April 2, 2013 – Access media files from any location while enjoying the security, privacy and unlimited storage of a personal server with Tonido. Developed by CodeLathe, the leader in personal cloud software and services, Tonido lets individuals watch videos, listen to music, see photos and open documents that are stored on their computer right from their mobile Android device. Users can now share their personal media without worrying about the privacy and security of their data.

“When compared to the iTunes App Store, Google Play lacks high quality, tablet ready apps to stream personal media. Tonido for Android fills that void and allows the user to access their media collection, even their iTunes playlists, from anywhere. The Tonido Android app brings users an enhanced experience through pleasing aesthetics, effortless remote access and sharing. It is extremely simple to use and is perhaps one of the most functional and beautiful apps on the Google Play Store. It is a must have for anybody who has a large digital media collection,” said Anis Abdul, CTO of CodeLathe.

Tonido offers users secure access to their home computer’s entire collection of documents, photos, music and videos from anywhere without having to upload it to a public cloud service. Individuals begin by downloading the free Tonido server app on their desktop and the free mobile app onto their Android device. Employing smart LAN switching technology to use gigabit access speed within home LAN networks, the app safely connects users to the documents stored on their desktop in seconds. Tonido also supports a wide range of video and audio formats including MKV and FLAC. Users can also access their files via Wi-Fi or 3G mobile networks, backup their photos and videos from their Android device to their Tonido personal cloud and download files for offline viewing.

“As Android devices set to overtake the iPad in market share, there is a clear need for Android apps optimized for tablets. Tonido’s new Android app is primarily designed for the personal consumption of media on a tablet. In some cases it is even better than our iPad app. More than ever, customers are realizing that their personal data is no longer safe in popular online services and they’re turning towards personal cloud services like Tonido for their remote access and sharing needs. The new Android app gives users one more reason to use Tonido Personal Cloud, where their personal data is safe and users hold complete ownership of their personal data,” said Madhan Kanagavel, CEO of CodeLathe.

Tonido Features
● Automatic, multi-format live video transcoding and http live streaming (including MOV, MP4, M4V, MPG, MPEG, AVI, VOB, MKV, WMV, XVID, FLV, SWF, OGG, GP3, MTS, M2TS). Requires no manual conversion of video files for playback
● Automatic multi-format music streaming and playlist support (including FLAC, OGG, WMA, MP3, and more)
● Access personal iTunes Playlist from Android devices
● Tonido companion server apps are available for all computer platforms: Windows, Mac OSX and Linux
● Plug- and-Play remote access. No fiddling with router settings
● Easy to remember web URL access to a personal computer

The Tonido server app is available for free download at

The Tonido Android app is available for free on the Google Play Store at:

For more information on the Tonido Android app, visit:




Android App – Music player improvements

For past couple of months, we have been working on improving performance of music player in our Android app. We faced many hurdles due to the limitations in underlying Android native player. In the latest version of the app (v39), for Android phones above Android 2.3.3, we have improved the streaming (mainly mp3) , mainly time to buffer and latency between two songs. This would also eliminate internment skips that some users faced while streaming music. Consider this update as one of many coming updates to improve user experience in music streaming.

Announcing Renewed Android App

We are excited to announce an updated Android app with many new features, focused mainly on providing superior user experience. Here are the highlights in this release:

  • Introduced tabs to navigate easily between pages
  • Saves multiple account/passwords
  • Can play music in the background
  • Option to share files (webshare links) via Facebook
  • Improved photo gallery view
  • Thumbnail view to simplify uploading
  • Importantly, UI changes optimized for Tablets (incl Kindle)

Tabs to navigate easily between pages

In this new version, we have introduced tabs that would help you navigate easily between remote file, favorites, local files, music, status pages without losing state in a page.


Music Player Page

Saves multiple account/password

App saves account/passwords as you switch between multiple accounts. You can manage the saved accounts by clicking on “saved logins” in the login screen. BTW, you can even save guest account/passwords.


Manage Saved Accounts

Play Music in the background

You can play music in the background, while you move to other pages or even other applications. When you want to get back to Tonido, you can use the icon on notification bar to get to Tonido app.


Share files (webshare links) via Facebook

In addition to regular actions that you can perform on a file or folder, you can post a file or folder to Facebook. When you click on the action icon or long click on a file, ‘Share via Facebook’ option appears. Once selected, the app will create a webshare link to the file and share the link in Facebook.

Share Via Facebook

Facebook Comments

Post on Facebook

Improved gallery view

By selecting the “Image Gallery” in the menu, you can view the photos in your remote PC or device in a grid view. Clicking on any picture would open an image, and you can navigate to other pictures in the gallery by swipe gesture. A long click on the picture will open file actions menu.

Image Gallery

Thumbnail view to simplify uploading

When you want to upload files from your phone, you have an option to navigate local files either in regular file explorer mode or in a  new  grid mode. The grid view is very useful when you are uploading photos from the phone. You can directly select the thumbnails to be uploaded(the background color changes if picture is selected), which makes it easier to upload right photos.


UI optimized for Tablets (incl Kindle)

We have optimized the UI to take advantage of larger screen in tablets. We have optimized UI for Kindle as well, we will be releasing a new version for Kindle soon.

Feel free to send us your feedback our way as it helps us continuously improve the app.  You could also visit our Tonido on Mobile Forums to discuss any issues.

Please post your comments and ratings in Android Market Place.

Android Update (v27) – Upload files from Phone to PC and more…

We are excited to announce an update with a set of new features and some fixes for Android App. Here are the highlights

Upload files from Android device to your computer

You can select multiple files to upload from your Android device to a Computer or to a Tonido device. Two simple steps to upload files

1) Browse to the destination folder  and select upload from the menu


2) App will list the local folder and files. Select the files to upload and click ‘upload’ . You can see status of your uploads in the status page




Option to change destination for downloaded files

Many of you had asked for option to change the destination for downloaded files, we have added that as an option in the settings page. Save button will save the settings, if the folder is not present in the path, app will create a folder.



Share pictures while browsing pictures

 You can share pictures by clicking on the share button at the top of the picture gallery or in the picture view page.



Prompt to relogin if session is expired

If a session is expired, the app will prompt a dialog giving an option to relogin in the background without going through the login page.

Other fixes/ Improvements

  • Fix for Issue: While browsing downloaded files, back click takes to start page instead of parent folder
  • Subject of Email will state ‘folder’ or ‘file’ based on what is shared
  • Fix for Issue: Switching from LAN and mobile causes blank page in some phones
  • Overall UI lift


Please feel free to send us your feedback our way as it helps us fix issues  and make other improvements.

Please post in our Tonido on Mobile Forums.

Android App Beta 2 – Updated with your feedback

Dear Tonido Users,

First, a big thank you for all your feedback on our Android Beta. We carefully read each one of your comments and we have addressed some of the issues and a few of your enhancement requests in this new version. Here are the changes in Beta 2.

Multiple Music Formats Support
Many of you had requested for multiple music formats support and we have added support for mp3, flac, m4a audio formats.

UI  Feedback to User Actions
Some of you  have expressed that app should provide some UI feedback to user actions and we have addressed that by highlighting the selected row in the explorer and changing the background color when “next” “previous” button is selected.


Folder Selection Highlight


Next Button Highlight

Image Navigation
Two big enhancements requests 1) better images navigation and 2) ability to resize images
To improve navigation, we added more UI feedback to user actions and in addition to that, we have added an option to see the pictures in gallery view.  menu->gallery would generate a scrollable thumbnail view of photos in that folder.  (Please note that viewing gallery for  the first time would be slow since backend would be generating those thumbnails.)


Gallery Menu Option


Gallery View

A “long click” on an image would open image where you can resize the image through pinch. For some phones where pinch doesn’t work,  a scroll motion would open zoom options.

Zoom Out

Zoom In/Out

Inconsistent Behavior in Exit and Home Menu
We received consistent feedback that menu buttons didn’t have consistent behavior across all views. We made
‘Exit’ menu should “logout” but your credentials would not be deleted.
‘Home’ menu should take you to root director in the file explorer

Handling Special Characters
Beta version truncated folder names that had special characters. New version should handle all the special characters

Login Error Message Improvements
Edited some of the error messages so that users get right information and also added a few input validations to help users.

Some issues we couldn’t reproduce especially app crashes when camera menu is selected or some pdf files are opened. We are working on those.

How to Participate in Beta?
For users who have sent emails earlier, we will send you the instructions in an email. New users, please join the following thread in our forum.

Please Do Send Your Feedback
Please feel free to send us lots of feedback our way as it helps us fix issues and test on a variety of phone hardware. Please post in our Tonido on Mobile Forums.

These are exciting times for Tonido, and we thank you for your continuing support.


Announcing Tonido Beta for Android

Finally, the wait is over. We are happy to announce Tonido Beta on Android. We know a lot of folks are interested in the app and were waiting for a while for this to get released. So now here it is.

The Tonido Android app supports the following major features:

1. Login into your remote computer (TonidoPlug or a computer that runs Tonido). Tonido Android App remembers your credentials so that you need not re-enter your Tonido login/password every time

2. Browse your files and folders in the remote computer. Open many file formats like Word, Excel, Powerpoint and PDF (You need appropriate apps that open these document types)


3. Quickly browse your pictures

4. Stream your music, and listen to your music in the background


5. Instantly share any file or folder via Tonido Webshare and email the link (Webshare URL)

6. Take a picture using your camera and upload it to remote computer…

To Join the Beta

If you are interested in Beta testing the Tonido Android app, please send a mail to

Don’t Forget the Feedback

Please feel free to send us lots of feedback our way as it helps us fix issues and test on a variety of phone hardware. Internally, we have tested on a couple of hardware models. But more coverage and usage will surely identify problem areas and other improvements to make. Please post in our Tonido on Mobile Forums.

These are exciting times for Tonido, and we thank you for your continuing support.