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Tonido user survey- winning comments

Thank you all for your overwhelming participation, support, and comments. For small company like us,  your comments provide the necessary encouragment to work hard to improve continously. Though each of your comments were very valuable, we picked following feedback for thoroughness that took into account every aspect of the product. We will soon ship a Tonidoplug to the user.


Hi Tonido Team,

I purchased a Tonido2Plug several weeks ago and I enjoy using it every day. Yesterday, I received an email from you, asking for feedback and suggestions, where you offer a prize of a TonidoPlug2 for the best feedback or suggestion. I’m am happy to provide you with feedback and would be even happier to win the prize if you think my feedback or suggestion is worthy of such an honor.

My Feedback:

Unboxing everything went well. I was pleased with how the items were found in the box and how easy it was to understand how the device was to be connected to the router, the external USB drive, and to the power outlet.

I could not figure out how to open the Tonido2plug to insert an internal drive. I learned later that the directions were not correct.

The graphic in the directions made it easy to understand the order of the connections, and I was able to get everything connected in less than 5 minutes.

There were parts of the printed instructions that I couldn’t read because of a combination of font size and font color — the blue color that you use for the links was especially difficult to figure out. One of your online pages asked for the device’s MAC address. I couldn’t read it — the label printed on the device was printed in very small text, and some of the characters were not legible
After I got it all connected, the device would not work and I could not figure out why. It took me a few attempts of trial and error, then I added a “help me” post to your forum and had to wait for a response, then I had to call my internet provider (they told me to reboot my cable modem). After that, it worked and I have had no issue since, except for …… I can’t get the wireless to work. I have followed the directions the best that I can but it’s like a trial and error puzzle where I don’t seem to get the settings done correctly. I have a wireless printer that I set up with absolutely no issue, and my family members have several other wireless devices and each of those devices were easy to set up or configure. I haven’t given up but I’m frustrated with this.
My Ratings (scale of1 to 10 where 10 is best):

Packaging and Unboxing: 10

Connecting: 10

Printed Directions:4

First Use: 2

Troubleshooting: 4

Usage after issue was resolved: 10

Owner settings: 10

Setting up a guest account: 10

Guest usage: 10

Ongoing use: 10

Wireless Configuration: 3


My Suggestions:

Reprint your instructions so the font is a bit bigger and change the color from blue to something else that is easier to read.

Correct the instructions. There is at least one part that is wrong (instructs you to hold own a switch to open the device, and that isn’t necessary).

Put the instructions on your web site.

Add some videos on youtube or your own site that show how to gt set up (how to connect the parts, how to open the device and insert an internal drive)

And finally, one request: My ultimate goal with the Tonido2plug is to create a mini web server, to host a family web site, and I’ll need to use all the parts of xampp (apache, MySQL, PHP, etc) plus maybe even install wordpress. It doesn’t look like the directions
to do that are written for a person like me (I’m not a software developer or programmer) so it would be great if there were some simple and clear and easy instructional material available to explain how to do that.

I have already recommended your product to one of my co-workers and he says he will place an order, and I think most of my other team members will want one too, so we can have a somewhat distributed file-sharing network at work, protected by the firewall. But we can’t use any device at work unless the IT department has approved it. So if I win a Tonido2Plug for best feedback, I will hand it to our IT department so they can check it out.

The New, Awesome TonidoPlug2 is available for sale now!

We are happy to say that our next generation TonidoPlug2 is available for purchase from our online store ( starting today. We apologize for the long wait and in the end we believe we have created the ultimate, versatile plug computer in the market. There is nothing else like TonidoPlug2 out there. Period.

TonidoPlug2 Features

Power Efficient

TonidoPlug2 is based on Marvell Armada 310 chipset which draws only 1.2 watt/hr and offers GHz level performance (~800 MHz). TP2 power consumption is 4 times lesser than the TonidoPlug v1 and costs approx. 2 dollars to run 24/7/365 days (Individual results may vary).

No Wires, No Mess

TonidoPlug2 includes Wi-Fi b/g/n and a built-in SATA 2.5” enclosure. Finally you can put your plug in the closet or behind your entertainment center without wires running around. With the new SATA enclosure, you can have a complete, standalone NAS.


TonidoPlug2 form factor is similar to your portable USB hard drives. Plug in to your power socket or place it on your table or take it with you in your Laptop bag and conquer the world.

Versatile, Powerful

TonidoPlug2 is equipped with with 512 MB DDR3 RAM and 512 MB NAND flash. Even high end NAS systems have only half of these specs. You can do a lot more with the TonidoPlug2 than any other product out there.

Media Streaming

TonidoPlug2 comes with a new, powerful DLNA media server that will stream music, videos to any networked equipment that’s UPnP™/DLNA® certified (like your PlayStation®3 or Xbox 360® or TV sets.)

Personal Cloud Sync

TonidoPlug2 comes with free life time 2 GB sync offering file synchronization without using the Public Cloud. Now sync is truly personal.

Experimental Wi-Fi Hot spot

TonidoPlug2 can also act as a Wi-Fi hotspot for your computers and portable devices such as iPhone, iPad and tablets.

In addition, TonidoPlug2 includes your favorite Tonido apps and highly rated mobile apps as like before.

The TonidoPlug2 is priced at $119. Unfortunately, we don’t have enough stock to meet all the pending demand. So please order the unit as soon as possible at out online store (

We thank you for patience and support.

PS: TonidoPlug2 is currently available for shipping to US customers only. We expect to open availability and shipping to Europe shortly.

Introducing TonidoPlug2

The Announcement

Finally, the wait is over. TonidoPlug has just got slicker, cooler and better. CodeLathe is happy to announce the introduction of new plug computer: TonidoPlug2.  The plug is currently in production and should be available soon in our stores.

Introducing the new TonidoPlug2


TonidoPlug2 is packed with all the features of the TonidoPlug. If you are new to the Tonido’s plug device series, here are some major features:

  • Energy efficient, green, personal cloud device.
  • Convert your USB drive to a network attached storage(NAS)  accessible as a networked drive.
  • Access your device, using your own URL (
  • None of your data is stored in any of our or third-party servers.
  • Securely share and sync files, photos and music without need for uploading.
  • Drag-and-Drop file and folder uploading to your TonidoPlug from Windows, Linux, OSX from remote locations via WebDAV.
  • Sync your Files
  • Listen to your MP3s from anywhere
  • Download Torrents to your USB drive from anywhere
  • Search and download your files
  • Stream media to the XBox 360 and PS3
  • Access and share files with free mobile apps. Apps available for iPhone, Android, BlackBerry and Windows 7.
  • Extend your TonidoPlug with new apps from Tonido App store

Whats New

TonidoPlug2 get these face-lifts compared to its predecessor:

  • Newer, cooler form factor.
  • Plug can act as an NAS enclosure for internal 2.5 inch SATA drive. Now you can have a complete, standalone NAS.
  • Built-in b/g/n WiFi. Now plug can literally goto your closet or attic, without ugly cables running around.
  • Experimental WiFi Hotspot feature. So you can use your TonidoPlug as an extended storage for your iPad or SmartPhones when you are out and about, even when there is no network.
  • Newer Linux OS.
  • 512 MB DDR3 memory in-lieu of DDR2.


We expect to start shipping TonidoPlug2 by end of this month. We will also announce pricing soon.

Meanwhile, to get notified when we start shipping you can subscribe to our TonidoPlug2 availability mailing list.

New Tonido Android App v20 – Over the Air file transfers and much more …

As we mentioned in our earlier posts, we wanted to kickoff 2011 with releases that offer great value to users.We are proud to announce the next version of our Tonido Android app. You are really going to love it :).

Major features:

  1. Option to download file/folder (aka OTA File transfer) for offline viewing.
  2. Access to downloaded files even when you are offline.
  3. Favorites support.
  4. Automatically identify and use local ip (e.g http://192.168.x.x:10000/) when your Android device is connected to the same LAN as the Tonido device (which translates to high download speeds within LAN).

NOTE: Tonido software on Desktop or TonidoPlug should be updated to a version above 2.25.
You can’t use this new Android App with older versions of Tonido on your Desktop or plug.

Start page has four icons:

  1. Browse remote files
  2. Browse favorites folders in the backend Tonido device
  3. Browse all the downloaded files
  4. View status of current downloads



Favorites are great way to have quick access to important files and also to create playlists. Once you have created a playlist, selecting a song in the playlist will continuous play the songs in that playlist.



‘Download’ in the menu will give an option to select folders or files to be downloaded. When you select a folder to download, the app downloads all the files in that folder. You can even select favorite folders to be downloaded. Downloads would continue as along as the app is open. If the app is closed, all the current downloads would be canceled.



Download status

‘Download status’ page shows all the current downloads and their status.’ Cancel downloads’ button clears all the current downloads. ‘ Cancel downloads’ doesn’t impact already downloaded files.


Browse Download Files

You can browse downloaded files and folders when you are offline by clicking on “downloaded files” in the login page. If you are logged in, you can browse files by selecting “Downloaded Files” icon in the start page. Also, you can use native app to browse to /sdcard/tonido/download.


Use Local IP When on Same LAN as Device

When your Android device and Tonido device are connected on same LAN, Tonido Android app would try to use local ip to download and data transfer, which would increase overall download performance.


You will see this icon when Android app is using local ip.

Nothing motivates a small start up like us than encouraging comments from our users like you. Please let us your thoughts and feedback through our forum, Facebook and twitter.

Finally, please show your support by rating the app in the Android app market! Thank you!

Stock coolers don’t mean anything anymore

If you read my last post on my new computer build  you would have seen how I was complaining about high temperatures on my Radeon 4850.

Well, recently, when I was cleaning the card (of dust bunnies), I was too overzealous and I broke two of the fins on the stock cooler fan. I couldn’t do much and put the card back in hoping it would still be ok. The card still ran reasonably well, but the noise was unbearable. If I started a game, the card would start whining like a jet about to take off. It got progressively worser to the point that it started to whine even at idle.

So to cut a long story short, I was about to buy a new video card to replace the 4850. With the 4850 less than a year old, it was going to be a big loss and write off. But luckily, browsing at the local computer store, I spied a VGA cooler and took a chance, and spending $17 on it seemed easier on my wallet than a $180 GeForce GTX 260 Core 215. I took apart the stock cooler attached the new cooler and low and behold, my study area becomes so quiet even a monk could meditate. And my idle went to 50C from 85C. Load went to 65C from 100C. Not bad.

51ifw0bx8nl_ss400_1Anyway, the point I am trying to get to in my laborious way is that stock coolers are not worth anything anymore if my experience is anything to go by. My Intel Quad Core ran like a furnace till I bought a aftermarket CPU cooler. And now my video card runs at lower temps and much quieter with an aftermarket cooler as well.

What is the point of the stock cooler if it can hardly do its job and even if it did, it left your computer components hovering around 100C, ready to fry an egg. Component manufacturers owe it to themselves to do a better job with stock parts that ship with their product or they are going to lose DIY computer builders who have such a bad experience with their computer build they don’t attempt one again.

TonidoPlug: Software Applications in Initial Release

So TonidoPlug is almost here, and what is new?

Here’s the full list of applications shipping with TonidoPlug.

tonidoplug_appsMany of these apps should be familiar already to Tonido users, (Jukebox, Photos, Search, Thots, Workspace).

But there are some new ones that are being released the first time. They include WebsharePro, Torrent, Explorer and Plug Admin.

Here’s a quick summary of these applications. More detailed information on these new apps will be coming soon.

  1. WebsharePro: All the power of Tonido Webshare, plus the ability to upload, setting upload quotas for users, zip downloads, viewing currently downloading lists, change thumbnail and photo slide show image size
  2. Torrent: Download Torrent files to your plug and control torrents via your web browser from anywhere
  3. Explorer: Web based File manager and browser that allows common file operations like rename, delete, copy files and folders and even uploads
  4. Plug Admin: Manage your TonidoPlug hardware, recover Tonido Profile passwords, Manage attached USB drives, Share USB drives over the network for access, Monitor CPU loads etc

We believe that these applications round out Tonido’s existing application set and make it even more flexible and powerful especially on the Plug computer. And of course, we aim to release brand new applications over time, so this is just a tiny fraction of the functionality possible with your Plug. With Tonido’s one-click application installation and update procedures, keeping your TonidoPlug up to date with the latest Tonido releases should be a breeze.

TonidoPlug ready to roll…

You might have been wondering why we had been so quiet these last few months, and the big reason if you hadn’t heard by now is the TonidoPlug. We had been working night and day to get everything ship shape and polished (till it shone and we could see our faces in it).

And finally, we are proud to say that the TonidoPlug is ready to go. We will be taking orders starting next week and the plugs will be shipping either the same day or next day of your order.

So folks, thanks for all the support and feedback and the patience! We know a lot of you are looking forward to getting it, so just a few more days.

Meanwhile here’s a sneak peek of what you can find in the box.

TonidoPlug: What is in the Box

TonidoPlug: What is in the Box

Is computing at inflection point similar to weapons technology and cars?

Summary: At an inflection point, need for efficiency will overtake need for power. In the past, industries eg. weapons and auto have reached such an inflection point. Computing is approaching such an inflection point. Once we hit such an inflection point, light devices such net books, cell phones and light devices will be more popular than heavy weight desktops. Increase in user data, popularity of light devices and increase in bandwidth will lead to a central data repository. Current trend is to go to cloud services to host such a repository. Tonido and Tonidplug offer better alternative than cloud.

When arms race began in early part of 20th century, countries where building weapons that could pack as many TNT as possible in a missile/bomb. All through the world war, only thing that mattered was “how much TNT of power can be packed per cubic inch or per gram”. However, after years of building weapons, countries had nuclear bombs and other weapons that can pack tons of TNT. Power wasn’t constraint anymore.

Post world war-II, weapon builders shifted their focus from power to precision. What mattered now was precision, how accurate a weapon can hit a target and how precise can be the damage. Another such example is car industry. Automakers were on an arms race to build higher HP cars. Focus was on “how much horse power you can pack in a car”. However, when energy crisis began, focus shifted to efficiency. Everyone knows that the supply of oil is not unlimited, hence future of cars will be on efficiency not horsepower.

In computing, as defined by Moore’s law, power of the processor increased and size decreased, our appetite for bigger and more powerful machine grew. We use 64 bit processors in desktops. Question is will arms race to pack more power will continue or will it turn towards efficient and low maintenance devices?

Already enterprise servers are moving towards efficiency as cooling and energy costs become big part of data center costs. Soon, efficiency will be the key in running desktop and personal devices since users want their system run for long time for streaming media, or downloading TV programming, torrents, files, videos and music.

Constraint in with these light weight devices will be size and weight. By design, these devices should have limited (<100GB?) storage if not, these devices aren’t designed optimally taking advantage of bandwidth. With the current rate of growth in user data and growth in bandwidth, central remote data repositories are viable.

Such remote repositories can be hosted by cloud service vendors (Dropbox, Google etc) or you can use personal devices (TonidoPlug, PogoPlug) to host and maintain your repository. At CodeLathe, we believe your remote repository should be in a personal device which guarantees absolute privacy and prevents from any vendor lock-ins.

CodeLathe’s TonidoPlug is a small energy efficient device that would help you host files, data and applications at fraction of the cost that you have to pay for cloud services. Free cloud service today doesn’t always mean free forever, soon cloud companies will have to charge fee to be sustainable.

TonidoPlug can offer more than just remote drive or repository. You can access music, video/photos and manage calendars, contacts, Tonido applications. TonidoPlug will relieve you from running you power consuming desktop from running 24×7 to download torrents or running your home server to stream music or video in your home.

TonidoPlug will save you money in initial cost as well as in operating costs. Learn more at

World’s first ever low cost, low-power Peer-to-Peer Device – True Digital Freedom


Yes. TonidoPlug may be the first ever low cost, low-power, personal, p2p device that offers true online freedom. Some of you may know TonidoPlug runs the Tonido platform that allows you to share and sync files, photos, music and media with your peers without relying on third party servers or public online services. What we mean by  “True Online Freedom” here is that except for the initial handshaking of peer devices  your data never travels through our servers,  and all your data is stored in your own storage devices not in ours.

The current trend in computing is to store all your data in cloud aka “third party server” and access it from anywhere. Users are increasingly storing their data on cloud servers without realizing the implications of losing control and privacy of their personal data.  The current trend belies the logic and natural order of things. On one side,  computers are getting powerful and personal storage devices are getting cheaper. But still we are turning the custody of our data to profit seeking entities whose market valuation is dependent on “how much customer data they have in their server” and “how much value they can get off from customer’s data“. They call it as a “Life time value of a Customer”  or ” Lifetime value of your data“.

Also, if you look at the Internet landscape you can realize that few companies monopolize information.  I am not being paranoid here. Information monopolies have serious consequences on how we discourse, share ideas and information and how our thought process can be influenced by selective information filtering. Now for any online business or a news story if it doesn’t come in the first two pages of Google search or News we can safely say that particular piece of information is destined for obscurity.

Tonido and TonidoPlug intend to correct the anomaly (Cloud Service) in the natural order of things (Democratization of internet)  by giving the end users the complete control of their data and at the same time giving anywhere access as cloud services. Now every Tonido user has the freedom to produce and consume the information as they wish without relying on third party servers.

By virtue of owning TonidoPlug, the plug computer becomes a p2p node in growing Tonido private p2p network. Through Tonido’s private p2p network, one can share, sync files, photos, music and media with your peers in few clicks.

So let us build the world’s largest peer-to-peer network without “information monopolies” and which espouses control of your data.

For more Info, please visit TonidoPlug.

New TonidoPlug Website now Live

Sorry for the long hiatus between posts. Not finding time to post, just means we are keeping our noses down on the grindstone. But we finally have our TonidoPlug sister site live.

Check it out at and do tell us if you love it or hate it. And while you are there, don’t forget to sign up for the pre-order notification mailing list.

The New Site

The New Site