Tonido Pro and Biz are now Free




We have an awesome news to share with you. We have made both Tonido Pro (29$/year) and Tonido Biz (99$/year) completely free.  Just install the latest Tonido and get all the paid features at no cost. For complete list of features, Please check

Now with Tonido being free, Data Privacy doesn’t have to be a privilege anymore.  Each and Every one of you can run your own Personal Cloud at no cost to protect your personal data.

We are committed in making Tonido as the #1 Personal Cloud server that safeguards your data privacy and internet freedom. We thank you for your continued support.

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  1. Shiro says:

    You rock! Thank you!! 🙂

  2. dudde says:

    You say “We don’t store your passwords in our system.” … so the App I use on my Phone does not save the password? How come I don’t have to log on every time I open the app? Can I prevent this saving of the password?

    You say “To facilitate ease of use, we provide dynamic dns and relay server capabilities to access your Tonido device from anywhere.”. If accessing the data on my Tonido-Server from everywhere is so simple (and it is scaringly so!) and sharing data to other people just by providing a simple link is so easy (and it is!)… why is the routing from your servers to my Tonido-Server at home done without https ?!!

  3. Jonathan says:

    This is awesome guys! Thanks!

  4. Justin Freitas says:

    Will Tonido continue to be developed/supported over time? I haven’t seen any updates in a while and was wondering if any new features or bug fixing is in the pipeline for 2015? Thanks, Justin

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