Tech Tip : Index Folders in Tonido

Indexing allows Tonido to search for certain file types such as Photos, Audio and Video and organizes them for different type of access. Once files are indexed, different clients such as the web browser, mobile clients can provide rich user experience in accessing those file.
Once a folder is set for indexing, Tonido server will scan the folders and will build an “index” of files based on their meta data. The folders will be rescanned periodically as well to detect changes to the files.

1. Click on “Add Folder to Index”2


2. Select the folder you need to index

3. Click on  “index now” button.


This will add  pictures, videos, and music files to music,photos and videos library.

4. To restrict photos, music or videos of the folder from indexing, Click on the edit button.edit






4. To delete an indexed folder , Click on the delete button


The indexed Folder will be deleted

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  1. Richard says:

    How do I index other file types, such as .pdf, .docx etc?

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