Tech tip : Easy Slideshow of Images via Tonido

All you need to do is,

  1. Click on Gallery. This changes the default list view to the Gallery View.


2. Select the folder which you need to view.

3. If the folder contains no image in it, alert will be shown



4.  Now click on the slideshow button.


5. Slideshow of your images under the particular folder will be started.


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  1. Tonido_User says:

    Hi, I’ve been test-running Tonido for a few weeks and I’m considering upgrading to Pro. However, in the past week as the Heartbleed bug entered the news, I haven’t seen any news or announcements on your website, on this blog, or in the forums regarding whether the Tonido network is vulnerable. When it became obvious that my server was compromised, I shut it down. Until late Wednesday night (April 9), both AND were both still vulnerable to Heartbleed.

    Has Tonido made any announcements regarding the status on bug patches? If not, why have you not kept your users up-to-date with this information? Also, why did it take over 48 hours to patch OpenSSL? If I’m going to pay money for Tonido’s services in the future, I’d need assurances that the dev team will work to aggressively protect their clients’ interests.

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