Alternative to FTP: How Tonido FileCloud Can Help Your Organization’s File Sharing Needs

Most companies that have to share large files online know the limitations of FTP. Employees that share large files have to download an FTP client or use a cryptic login to a web browser to share files. In order to have any type of collaboration, once your files have been updated, you have to email everyone involved to let them know there’s a new version. When you take into consideration how many emails are ignored or fall into a spam filter, it’s no wonder collaboration can come to a screeching halt with FTP. (If you are looking for a secure FTP replacement, click here to learn more about FileCloud – a modern alternative to FTP)

What About Email?

While email is great for sending and receiving small files, most of us have learned the hard way if you send anything over 2 MB in length you don’t know if it’s going to arrive at the other end. While some companies have increased the size of emails that can flow through their servers, you never know if it’s going to make it. To top it off, sometimes you don’t even get notification if the email failed to get delivered.

File Sharing to the Rescue

Online file sharing makes handling large files easy. Anyone with a web browser (and proper access) can post and retrieve files securely. Collaboration improves with file updates that let everyone on the list know when a change is made. In addition, advanced features like version tracking make collaboration easy. File update notifications can tell people when a file needs to be reviewed.

Using a private cloud solution allows you to maintain your own hardware and security. You have more flexibility with your customer data and critical enterprise files. Regulatory compliance is much easier, as some regulations will not allow a public cloud provider.
Tonido filecloud easily meets these needs with a private cloud solution that gives you total control over your secure file sharing. Filecloud allows administrators to set up shares that are accessed securely by employees and customers alike. Sharing files is as easy as sending a link via email.

Filecloud supports auditing so you no longer have to worry about who changed which files when. You can easily tell if a person has seen a file and made appropriate changes.

Since you own the product, filecloud will allow your company to set up your own branding with custom logos and a domain. This can be great for establishing trust amongst employees and customers.

Mobility has become a way of life for business today. Most employees need access to their files from phones or other mobile devices. Filecloud allows file access from anywhere using a mobile device for Apple, Android, and Windows.

Tonido filecloud gives you a simple solution that is installed on your network. You control permissions in any users that have access to it. Once it is set up, employees can access the system from their computer or mobile devices from anywhere. Click on to find out more today.

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