Launching FileCloud Release 4.5 – Selective Sync, Remote Device Management and More

New Tonido FileCloud 4.5 is now released. This is a major release with many many new features, enhancements and bug fixes. Upgrading to this release is recommended at the earliest.

Important Notes

We recommend all our customers to upgrade both their MongoDB database to 2.4 and above and the PHP MongoDB driver to 1.4 and higher. This gives best overall performance all around and is much more robust and reliable. The new FileCloud 4.5 install check will warn you now if lower versions are encountered. Even though you can continue to run with older versions, it is better to upgrade at the earliest possible opportunity.

Critical Fixes

  • This release improves the stability and robustness of the FileCloud sync client under different network conditions and files

Manage Files for Users from admin UI

It is now possible for the admin to browse, copy, move, delete specific user’s files directly from the Admin UI. This makes it easier for the Admin to manage files in FileCloud. To access the files for a user, open the user’s management dialog and then click “Manage Files”.

Support Remote Device management, Remote Wipe for Drive and Sync

Prior to 4.5, FileCloud only supported mobile devices like iPhone, iPad and Android phones and tablets. Now, with 4.5.2 and new Sync and Drive clients, admins can manage them similar to how mobile clients are managed. Each user’s running sync or drive will show up in the Device management UI in the admin panel and admin can control various aspects.


Selective Folder Sync in sync client

Prior to 4.5.2, sync client apps only were able to sync all the folders that were marked for syncing to local desktop. Starting with 4.5.2, desktop sync clients for Windows, Mac, Linux can optionally choose which folders they want to synchronize locally. This allows really smart syncing, allowing users to maximize the working space on their local desktop or laptop. You no longer need to tie up gigabytes of storage for the sync client.

To select the folders you need, click on the Sync client menu and select settings and then in the settings window, select “Advanced”.

Trim Audit DB records

With 4.5.2 it is now possible to export and trim large Audit record sets, so that you can archive old audit records and then delete them so that the Audit database size is maintained easily.

Beautiful HTML Email Templates

HTML mail templates are now fully supported. See example below:

There are many many more bugfixes and updates.
You can read all the release notes here.



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