Tonido Personal Cloud App Revamped for iOS 7

New app release includes a redesigned interface, AirPrint support and improved video playback

AUSTIN, Texas, October 03, 2013 – CodeLathe, the leader in personal cloud products and services, announced today that the company has updated Tonido Mobile to take advantage of the best new features in iOS 7.  The new iPhone and iPad app features a complete overhaul of the user interface, mobile printing via AirPrint and optimized video playback with closed caption support.

“When Apple, Google and Windows make significant updates to their operating systems and hardware, we ensure that Tonido users can take full advantage of new functionality,” said Anis Abdul, CTO of CodeLathe. “In that spirit, we have taken significant steps to optimize Tonido Mobile for iOS 7.”

Tonido Mobile allows iOS, Android and Windows users to access documents, photos, music and videos stored on their home computer from anywhere in the world. The free service provides the accessibility of the cloud without running into the storage limits, costs and security flaws of public cloud storage.

The latest version of iOS app includes three key improvements:

  • Interface Redesign The Tonido user interface was rebuilt from scratch to complement the iOS 7 flat design paradigm.
  • AirPrint Support – iOS users can now print documents directly from the Tonido app using AirPrint, a technology that enables instant printing from Apple devices without the need to download and install drives.
  • Video Optimization – User can now enjoy smoother video playback along with subtitles and text made available through closed caption support.

“iOS users are our top demography and ardent supporters of Tonido Personal Cloud,” said Madhan Kanagavel, founder and CEO of CodeLathe. “Our team has done an excellent job in this redesign to bring the best possible user experience. With this new app launch, we are confident that we will maintain the best personal cloud software in the Apple ecosystem.”

Tonido Personal Cloud may be downloaded for free at

The Tonido iOS app is available here in the iTunes Store

For more information on the Tonido iOS app, visit





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