Home Folder Integration – Smart Mounting of Network Shares Explained

In many organizations, there will be a top level folder with folders for each employee/student/staff which is considered as that user’s Home Directory. Admins will want to make that Home Directory available automatically to users when they login via network shares. One way of accomplishing that is by creating a network share for each employee/student and mapping the folder path to that user. But this can get tedious and plain impossible when faced with a large number of users.

To help this, FileCloud supports what is called as Smart Mounting.

Smart mounts are network share paths with user variables, when assigned to a group will translate into different paths for different users of the group.

Consider that you have a situation like below:

When Joe/John/Nancy users login into the system, you want to make their home folders available automatically.

To do this, create a network share and enable “Smart Mount”

You don’t need to enter anything in Network Share Path, but select “Path Pattern” for the Smart Mount Type. (More options might be supported in the future), then enter a parameterized path like the following “c:\storage\shared\%USERID%”. This will replace %USERID% with the actual user account name when the user logs in.

After adding the network share, make sure to add a Group (or Users ) to this share. Now members of that group when they login into FileCloud will see their folder automatically.

If you want to assign this to all users in the system, simply assign it to the EVERYONE group. The EVERYONE group is a special group which has all the members in the filecloud system. If you don’t have a EVERYONE group, you can simply create a new group and use “EVERYONE” as the group name to create the dynamic group.

%USERID% User id as a variable in path
%EMAILID% Email id as a variable in path
%DISPLAYNAME% User display name as a variable in path




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