Tonido FileCloud WebDAV support – File Sharing Made Easy

FileCloud version 3.0 and above supports access to shared files using WebDAV protocol.

What FileCloud administrators needs to do?

To enable access via WebDAV, ensure TONIDOCLOUD_ALLOW_WEBDAV is set to “1” in cloudconfig.php. Once WebDAV is enabled the FileCloud users can login using any WebDAV clients to access, upload, and delete files.

How to access FileCloud using WebDav clients?

Your FileCloud’s WebDav access URL will be as below:

  • WebDav URL:
  • User Name: useraccount
  • Password: yourpassword

What WebDav client do I use?

To make things easier, we went ahead and tried FileCloud’s compatibility of a few WebDav clients. Our findings are as follows with respect to browsing, uploading. deleting. creating, and downloading files/folders:

WebDav Client
WebDAV Navigator (iOS) Yes Yes Yes Yes
BitKinex 3.2.3 (Windows) Yes Yes Yes Yes
My WebDav (iOS) Yes Yes Yes Yes
Finder (Mac OSX) Yes Yes Yes Yes
WebDrive (Windows) Yes Yes Yes Yes
NetDrive 1.3.2 (Windows) Yes Yes Yes Yes
CyberDuck 4.3.2 (Windows & OSX) Yes Yes Yes Yes

Sample Screenshot Using BitKinex


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  1. Harry Shah says:

    WebDav has been excruciatingly slow for me even on the same network and I had to give up on that option.
    My setup — Tonido Pro Sofware on Ubuntu server and Mac OSx as the client.
    Is this for everyone or these is something I can do to fix it? Thx

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