Launching Tonido FileCloud 3.0 – Enterprise File Sharing, Sync and Mobile Access Made Easy

We are happy to announce the release of FileCloud version 3.0.  This FileCloud release offers a stunning array of new features  and addresses pretty much all the pain points of enterprise file sharing.

The following are some of the most prominent features/enhancements:

Admin Portal Enhancements

Number of upgrades from UI enhancements to new feature support have been added to FileCloud admin system. Following are the highlights of admin system upgrades:

Admin UI Redesign: The admin UI was given a major facelift that gives a better visual appeal. The admin UI is now in tune and aligned more along the lines of FileCloud Users’ interface elements such as menus, fonts and layouts etc.


Upgrade support in admin UI: Now, updating your FileCloud is a breeze. Just click a button and you get the latest FileCloud updates. You can check for updates and update as needed.

User Group Support for Network shares: In the older version of the FileCloud, administrators were able to share the file system to certain users. With the recent updates, administrators can classify users into groups and share the file system to the groups. No more pain of picking users every time to do a network share.

AD Group Import: If you are integrating your Active Directory with FileCloud, you can now import a AD Group and its users directly into FileCloud.

Smart Mount of Network Shares:  Smart mounts are paths with user variables, when assigned to a group will translate into different paths for different users of the group. Through this powerful feature, you can enable a users’ home directory display only for user. Following are the supported path patterns:

%USERID% – User id as a variable in path
%EMAILID% – Email id as a variable in path
%DISPLAYNAME% – User display name as a variable in path

Fore more detail information on how to set up smart mounts,  click here

Multi-site management in a single machine install: The system supports multiple instances of FileCloud running under the same Apache server. This  gives administrators the ability to spawn new instances with ease and reduce maintenance tasks.

Downloadable audit logs in CSV format: We have added the ability to download the log files in CSV. And, import the file into Microsoft Excel and run all your fancy reports.

Allow Mixed mode authentications In case you are using LDAP/Active Directory authentication, you are no longer limited by your Active Directory or LDAP Authentication. Now,  the system will allow you to add users to FileCloud that are not part of your Active Directory or LDAP Authentication.

 Updated Statistics in Dashboard: Additional statistics such as Log Folder size, Groups, Network Shares, User Shares are included in the admin UI dashboard to reflect the new upgrades.


File Sharing Enhancements:

Network Shares: Public and Private Sharing Support: If you are one of the users that has Network Shares, now you can share your network share as a public/private share. The feature will give your more usability and flexibility to share some files/folders on the file system.

Anonymous file upload to public shares: When you create a public share, you have the ability to allow any user accessing your public share be able to upload files into the share. This feature will help you extend your public share feature.


Support to Re-share a file or folder: We have added a feature to give the users that you have shared a file/folder to re-share. When you create a share, give the folder Read/Write access and check the Share Access. Now, the user you have shared your files/folders can re-share.

When the user to whom you shared logs in, he/she will have the ability to re-share.



Support to share a file or folder to a Group:  If the admin has enabled groups, you can now share a file a folder to a group and all users within the group.  You can even share to “everyone” if the admin has enabled the everyone group.

Other End User System Enhancements:

 Antivirus Integration Support:  FileCloud now uses ClamAV an open source antivirus engine to detect viruses when files are uploaded into FileCloud. During uploads,  if a virus threat is detected, the file is promptly removed and a note is made in the audit system for admin review.

WebDAV support:  FileCloud supports access to shared files using WebDAV protocol. For more information and supported WebDAV clients, click here

Directory download support: We have added support to download folders. The folder will be zipped and will be downloaded to the location you pick.

Multiple file download support: You can not only download a folder in zip, but also download a bunch of selected files. The selected files will be zipped and downloaded to the location you pick.

Recycle Bin support: Like any OS, we have added Recycle Bin support to FileCloud. When you delete a file/folder, we just move it to the Recycle Bin. In case, you need to recover, all you have to do is recover it from the Recycle Bin. To give Administrators more control, the Recycle Bin feature can be turned on/off.

Support for PNG Images: We have added support to include PNG image format. More image support will be added in future releases.

For more information on features, you can see our release notes

As you can see a major overhaul of FileCloud has been done that meets the important features requested by our users.  You can always send us additional feature requests and enhancements that would improve the product and user experience and we will always be happy to accommodate your request depending on the feasibility.

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  1. Mike Sanderson says:

    Wow! We can really use WebDAV support and Anti-Virus Integration. Looks great guys. Thank you very much.

  2. Mijal says:

    Very nice features. Good to see evolution of FileCloud to the next level.

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