How our Users Rave about Tonido?


Holy cow, this looks awesome!

I’ve spent literally weeks looking for the right solution to share photos and videos with family. Started with SmugMug, then Amazon Cloud, then Google+/Picasa, then S3. Some have lousy control over permissions, some don’t have decent iPad apps, some don’t have any sort of transcoding for large files. And the killer: all of them cost a fortune for storage. I just can’t spend $1000/yr for family photo sharing. Then I started looking at the Gallery/Coppermine/Piwigo stuff. But what the hell do I want to become a sysadmin/programmer for, especially when the end result is going to be so awful looking? I’ve wasted so much of my life on LAMP — it sucks me in because I can do it, but then I get really irritated with the long term consequences of following that path. I thought OpenPhoto would be a good compromise, but now they’re TroveBox, and no longer work on local storage, but I installed the git version, and it almost seemed good enough. And throughout this, I almost bought a Synology device, but really the photo/video apps aren’t all that slick, and although they’re great for data protection, they’re sort of anemic in terms of speed/hardware. Oh, then there was the XBMC/Plex media sharing class of stuff, which is what I was probably going to end up with, but again, they are meant for sharing video, on TVs. No file-level permissions, user experience is TV-based, Plex would make everybody enter into a world of TV channels to see my Photo “channel”.

I’ve truly been going crazy with all of this.

You really need to advertise more. Only recently, when I started searching for “private cloud”, have I been finding solutions closer to what I need. And even then, it’s taken me days to get here.

If I’m still as excited about this after trying it out for a few days, I’ll be happily paying for the Pro (so cheap! And only I will need to pay, no need to get my mom agitated over cost!) or Biz subscription. Any OS VM I like, in front of a FreeNAS, and that sucker can run all year long.

The one thing that’s going to be missing is ability to add comments to photos. Then notification to group members that there are new comments. And maybe emailing of individual files — social sharing. But at this point, it’s the best trade-off I’ve seen.

Anyway, the tl;dr version: Awesome work, folks!


– Happy User


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  1. Archer157 says:

    There is no doubt how great Tonido is for sharing.
    However the previous poster is right regarding the social aspect. It is missing.
    Everything is there but the availability to post and comment on pictures and videos like you can on Facebook. There is a missed opportunity here with that crowd that wants to share with exclusivity and keep their content private. Which is odd since I see from other posts where Tonido has really gone after the Dropbox and other sharing services.

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