Tonido introduces Automatic Media Indexing in upcoming 4.x

Even though it took longer, we wanted to do it right the first time. So here’s the next generation of Tonido software coming soon to Windows, Mac, Linux and the Plug with full automatic media indexing.

Here’s a sneak peek on the iOS app that will be released soon.

6 Responses

  1. JS says:

    This feature looks really great, but it appears to only search in the DEFAULT locations for music, pictures, etc…

    All my media files are on a separate partition and are therefore not indexed.

    Any way I can have Tonido scan my ACTUAL media folders rather than just the C:\Music and C:\Pictures, etc…


  2. abe says:

    access to file folders works fine, but can’t seem to figure out how to use the “music” function. files must be indexed right? tried d-loading and launching jukebox to index, but this didn’t work. i thought this new version was supposed to fix this. any help?

  3. casey says:

    can someone tell me why my audio files are put in alphabetical order on my ios app?

    settings seem pretty minimal on ios app.

  4. William says:

    how do i share index files such as my music with guest users?

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