Announcing Tonido Desktop 3.66

A new Tonido Desktop version 3.66 is now out.

Recursive File Search

A new file search that recursively searches files for a single folder is now integrated into the web user interface.

Clicking on “Search Folder” or hitting F3 in the web browser will open the search dialog. You can search for a file name, also filtering by file size or date modified.


Tonido Drive Improvements

Many Tonido Drive improvements are now available in the latest release including improved stability, performance and robustness.


There are a bunch of bugfixes including:

  • Filter clears when file navigation is changed or bookmarks are clicked
  • Add “Open” for PDF files, so PDF files open directly in browser instead of downloading first
  • Fix UI issue which causes entries to repeat multiple times
  • Fix some issues in music player

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