Tonido Cloud 1.10 makes Enterprise Network Shares available from iPad and Android Tablets

Tonido Cloud, the On-Premises File Storage, Mobile Access and Sync Solution for Businesses, Enterprises, Universities/Schools, ISPs and Hosting Providers now adds support for  existing organizational shares like SMB, NAS, SAN folders. This is available in the 1.10 release.

Previously, Tonido Cloud managed uploaded files and folders in its own file repository. Now in addition to managed files and folders in it’s own storage, Tonido Cloud can now optionally show existing folder shares (available over NAS, SMB, NFS etc) via the web browser as well as mobile apps. Tonido Cloud quickly enables mobile access to existing organizational data, while avoiding the need for the organization to migrate or upload to other systems.


Tonido Cloud Admins can add any number of existing folders using the ‘Network Shares’ feature. After adding a network share, admins can then assign users to the share including fine tuned permissions of whether the access is  ‘read-only’ or ‘read and write’.


The network shares are then available over the web browser or via mobile apps.

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