Tonido now supports iTunes Playlists

Announcing: Tonido 3.65.

This is a update release with several major bug fixes. Updating to this release is highly recommended.

Tonido now supports iTunes Playlist Integration

Listen to your iTunes Playlists from anywhere using Tonido.

Tonido will list your iTunes Playlists inside the music player playlists and you can simply load them and start playing.
Any changes you make to your iTunes playlists will quickly get synched into Tonido and show up inside as well. There is nothing to do!
This is supported on Windows and Mac, and requires that the iTunes app is installed on the computer.

There are also several bug fixes and improvements underneath the hood.

v – Feb 21, 2013

  • – General: Support for syncing iTunes Playlists automatically with Tonido
  • – General: Fix issue where slideshow doesn’t load sometimes
  • – General: After loading playlist, clicking on play will start playing music
  • – General: Slideshow will show bigger slide images
  • – General: Fix Video Player start errors under some conditions
  • – General: Uploading now queues uploads to different folders
  • – General: Show error when flash cannot be detected for upload
  • – General: Add Share in Slideshow view
  • – General: Add album art for flac files
  • – General: Show WebDAV URLs in Share Details
  • – General: Fix malformed XML when windows user names have ‘&’
  • – Sync: Ignore Icon/r files in Mac
  • – Sync: Fix wrongful folder delete when folder is renamed with only case sensitive changes

6 Responses

  1. James T Ryburn says:

    My iTunes library is on an external drive. Tonido is not synching the playlists. Is there a way to fix??

  2. Paulo says:

    Please, how can I access my iTunes playlist in my Android?

  3. Steve says:

    I have the same problem as James. Both my library and the mp3 files that it manages are on external drives (which are visible to Tonido). Somehow it seems to have picked up an old set of playlists that I’m guessing may have been located in my home user’s “Music” folder. This is not the default location for my iTunes library.

    Just as a test, I copied my iTunes library back to my home “music” directory (but left the mp3s where they were); this didn’t help, somehow it is still picking up an old library from somewhere.

    This is a really cool feature, but I think it needs some refining yet; there should probably be some place under “Settings” that allows the user to direct Tonido at an alternate iTunes library location. Anywhere to I should add an enhancement request?

  4. Kenneth says:

    My itunes Music Library.xml is in the default location, but I have no luck making this work either. In the Tonido settings I can tick the option “iTunes Playlist Import Automatic Playlist import, Enable Import”. But if I leave the page and come back to it the option is automatically un-picked again.

  5. Ken says:

    Like others before me, I cannot find any way to get the import of iTunes playlists to work. It is maddening that a product feature that is advertised like this does not work and there is no good way to get support.

  6. Ruth says:

    Same here, if I check the box “Enable Import” nothing happens and if I leave the settings page and return, the box is no longer checked.

    I’ve looked in the forums but nobody seems to be getting anywhere, even after uploading logs.

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