Announcing Tonido Desktop Release 3.63

This is a update release with several major bug fixes.

Tonido MediaServer app is now Free

Serve files to UPnP/DLNA compatible media players like the XBOX 360, Sony Playstation PS3 using the Tonido Media Server app. This app is now free to install for all Tonido Desktop users.

To install this app, go to Applications->Install tab and then install the media server app. After installing, switch back to the Manage tab and Resume the Media Server app. After enabling the app, the “Media Files” link appears on the left and specific folders can be added to make it available on the UPnP/DLNA compatible players.

Short Links when sharing files or folders

Creating shares now produces really short links that are easier to share and type.

For example:

The older links will still continue to work fine.

Single Unified Sharing User Interface

Previously, guests would have a different user interface to access files while the admin user interface was different. Now, with 3.63, guests and admins will see the same user interface and this interface is the same for private and public shares.

Support for Italian and Japanese Translations

We are adding full translation support for other languages starting with Italian and Japanese. The new iOS app release coming shortly will also have full localization support for Italian and Japanese languages.

Limits on shares and guest accounts (New accounts only)

If you are already using Tonido, this has no effect, there is also no effect if you are using Tonido Plug. But new accounts using the free Tonido Desktop edition will have a limit of 5 shares and 5 guest acounts.

File Upload Issue with Latest Google Chrome v24Latest  Chrome web browser version broke file uploading with Tonido version 3.62. This latest version fixes file uploading once again so that it works with  Chrome v24 and above.

Other Bug Fixes

There are several important bug fixes, including fixing LAN switch issue, proper selection of user data directory, proper file listing when running Tonido as service.



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