Announcing Tonido Desktop Release 3.62

We are excited to usher in the New Year 2013 with a major landmark Tonido release 3.62. This release is available in all platforms (Windows, Mac, Linux and TonidoPlug).

So what’s new?

Completely Rewritten Web User Interface

The Tonido Web browser user interface was first developed in 2009 and has been evolving over time, which led it to being not optimal and efficient as it can be. We took a long hard look at its deficiencies and started work on a user interface refresh. However, it soon became apparent to us that a modern clean design was needed and that meant a rewrite from scratch, and that’s what happened. The whole interface was fully rewritten over the last 4 months with a whole breadth of enhancements and improved visual aesthetics.

Over the next few weeks we will delve into details about this interface, but the major changes have been to switch to a single panel navigation format instead of the windows explorer style that was implemented previously. The web browser interface also  keeps consistent visual style with the iPad app. The music player has been brought outside separately, leaving the file listing and gallery mode alone in the navigation panel. Additionally, the side panel provides quick links to your favorites, recently accessed files etc.

Improved Uploading Support

On modern browsers (including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox), file uploading is much improved, with quick drag-and-drop file upload support. Simply navigate to a folder, select some files and drag them into the browser window. On those browsers, it is also now possible to upload files > 2 GB which was not possible before.

Improved Photo Gallery and Slideshow Support

Photo galleries now allow showing thumbnails in two sizes allowing easy and quick switching between the sizes. Slideshows now show much bigger photo images that adjust according to your browser’s size. Slideshows also allow full screen mode.

Music Player Playlist Support

The music player now shows full media art and metadata as well as allowing you save and load your playlists.


Full iOS Live Streaming and Video Transcoding support for Mac and Linux

This release now expands live streaming for iOS (iPhone and iPad) with video transcoding support for all platforms: Windows, Mac and Linux. So now it is truly a breeze to watch your videos on an iOS device in any format.

Improved Video Playback via Web Browser

Allows you to select a suitable way to playback your video (among the different options: Flash, VLC etc) so you can select between different options easily.


2013 marks the 5th year anniversary of CodeLathe, the startup behind Tonido, and we are constantly striving to make the product better, easier to use, and more useful. Thanks for all your support these past years and continued support going forward.

Happy New Year 2013!



7 Responses

  1. Looks nice! Happy Holidays!

  2. Scott Czech says:

    Thanks for the best product ever!

  3. Uwe Schmitt says:

    I’m loving Tonido and my plug. You’re on the right way with your GUI. But, PLEASE, don’t forgot “my” workspace and “my” backup in future. Your work is really fine. I need the workspace and the Backup-function!
    Best regards and best wishes for 2013!
    Uwe Schmitt

  4. ddd1 says:

    Very Nice keep up the good work

  5. Marai Muthukumara says:

    We wish you a great year 2013!.
    Tonido new feature is very improvised! Good luck Madan.

  6. Bruce Wyman says:

    The Tonido Web browser user interface was first developed in 2009 and has been evolving over time, which led it to being not optimal and efficient as it can be. We took a long hard look at it’s deficiencies

    Remember that the possessive its is not it’s but its. In the spirit of helping and proofreading.

  7. madhan says:

    @Bruce noted. will correct it 🙂

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