Announcing Tonido iOS App v4.0.1 for iPhone, iPad and iPod

Hi folks,

A “course correction” update for Tonido iOS v4.0 is now available for download from Apple Appstore. This release is primarily to address some of the needs based on feedback from user community quickly.

The changes in this build are

  • Refresh support for iPhone/iPad (Swipe down a view to refresh)
  • Delete support for local (downloaded) files in iPhone and iPad
  • Support for jumping to the root folder when deep inside a folder tree in iPhone and iPod (iPad version already has that support)
  • Tweaks to music playback, especially when the songs are being transcoded
  • Show full file name in preview pane. This is especially useful when the file name is too long and is being truncated.
  • “Actions” button now available in Recent and Favorite view. Only applicable functions will be available in the drop down menu.
  • Support for saving a photo to photo album. This supports saving RAW files as well to the photo album!
  • Support for creating Favorite lists in iPhone/iPod (iPad version already has this support)
  • Misc bug fixes


We are also working on the next update and would love to hear from you on what YOU need. You can also post in our forums to give feedback.

We depend on you to provide ratings and feedback on Apple App store. So please take some time to provide ratings and feedback as well.

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