Announcing Tonido iOS App v4.0 for iPhone, iPad and iPod

CodeLathe is proud to announce the general availability of the new Tonido iOS app compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod!
This is a major update to the iOS family. Some of the facts and features of this build are

  • Completely rewritten from ground up to take advantage new iOS 6.0 features
  • Optimized for iPad and iPhone layouts
  • New UI Skin (Which will be consistent with WebUI and other Tonido Clients that will appear in the future)
  • Performance optimizations to improve overall speed and reliability of the application
  • Security improvements to store passwords in iOS security infrastructure
  • Usability improvements
  • Foundation for next feature updates (such as Sync)
  • Support for more media types and live transcoding of incompatible video formats


Switch to your different Tonido devices with ease!

We know that a lot of our users have more than one Tonido devices and therefore the Tonido iOS app has the ability to easily switch between various Tonido Devices.

Simply add any number of Tonido accounts to the app and click on the account to access that device!


Rich user experience

Tonido iOS app provides a variety of function depending on the file type in the form of preview pane. Clicking on a file will reveal a preview pane with specific functions. These change for each type of file. For example, Video file will allow you to perform offline optimization while Photo file will provide a method to launch slideshow.






Music and More….

One of the most requested feature is the support for playlists for music and we are happy to say that the Tonido iOS App v4.0 supports creation and management of  music playlist!

You can now create playlists that are accessible from any Tonido client (The playlists are saved on the server). The soon-to-be-released Tonido web UI will also support music playlists. The Tonido iOS App support a variety of audio formats such as Mp3, M4A, FLAC, WMV, OGG and more.  You can even choose the bitrate on the fly depending on your network conditions!



Video Playback and Live streaming

We are especially proud of the Tonido iOS App’s ability to play variety of video formats and with Windows based server (as of v2.61), non iOS supported video formats will be transcoded on the fly (provided your computer is powerful enough)! Click here to see the supported video formats.

This function is typically available only in paid apps and is available in Tonido for free. Future Tonido update will support this on Mac and Linux computers as well!

DRM files can also be opened using Tonido. Tonido iOS app will launch safari to play DRMed files. Read more about it here.





More features?

You bet,  Some of the other features are

  • Tonido iOS app allows you to open files in other installed iOS apps using the “Open with..” feature.
  • Import a file to from a different iOS app as well. You can read about it more here
  • Copy, Move, Delete files. Read more about it here. This functions is currently available only in iPad . Future update will bring this to the iPhone/iPod version as well.
  • Custom logos shown for Tonido Biz installations inside the app
  • Download and Upload files, photos and videos.


These are some of the features of Tonido iOS App. All these are available for FREE with NO obligations and no advertisements. All these functions will remain free! Please visit our FAQ page if you want to read more!

We will post more in the coming days. We are also working on the next update and would love to hear from you on what YOU need. You can also post in our forums to give feedback.

We depend on you to provide ratings and feedback on Apple App store. So please take some time to provide ratings and feedback as well.


5 Responses

  1. esclapes says:

    Good to see Tonido making use of newer ios.

    However, I still use my ipod touch 2g and now I cannot install the tonido app (which I had to reinstall) from the app store… is there any way I can get the latest version compatible with my ipod?


  2. Anders Bandholm says:

    This sounds really cool – I’d like to see these featuresin the Android app too 🙂

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  4. Uwe Schmitt says:

    I’m using my Tonido-Plug since 2010 and I’m loving it. After using it via Tonido Drive in my office (Tonido-Plug is in at home) and using the Android-App, now I have an ipad since at week. I must say, that the ipad-app is great stuff. Only the file-transfer of large images needs a lot of time, but this is really not a problem of Tonido. Thanks to Code Lathe for this good job.

  5. Andreas Söllner says:

    Why have they still not fixed the issue with display of a lot of files … If the sub directory holds a certain number of files they simply don’t display – which renders it useless for audio streaming if you have a large music collection … this is a known issue and has been for a long time …

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