Announcing Tonido Desktop Release 2.61

We are happy and excited to announce the immediate availability of the latest Tonido Release 2.61 on all supported platforms including Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and TonidoPlug (1 & 2). This is a major release and upgrading is recommended, and in fact is required, if you are planning to use the latest Tonido iOS app (v4.0) released to the app store today.

Here are the major features of this release:

New Tonido iOS App release (v4.0)

This Tonido Desktop release provides support for the newly released, fully rewritten iOS app that works on both iPhone and the iPad. In fact if you update to that version, you need to upgrade your Tonido Desktop server to 2.61. There are many new features in this app and we will talk about all the new features in a separate blog post.


On the fly Video Transcoding from Windows to iOS app

This release provides support for watching any kind of video format on your iOS device with the new iOS app (v4.0). If you have a powerful enough computer running Windows, and you install Tonido Desktop (2.61) on it and then access it via the latest iOS app, you can now watch your videos whatever video format they are in.


Full Audio Playlist Support in iOS app

This release allows management of playlists via the new iOS app. Upcoming releases will add the same support from the web interface and Android and other mobile apps.


Extraction of Media Meta Data

Video and Music files will have rich meta information shown including album arts, mp3 meta information, movie screenshots etc.


Free version now allows up to 2 GB of synchronization

The free version of Tonido Desktop now allows up to 2 GB of file synchronization instead of the 250 MB enforced earlier.

There are also as usual a multitude of bugfixes and other performance improvements. Please see release notes.

In the coming days, we will post more information about the various features of the new iOS app. We also have some exciting new updates lined up for the Web UI and the Android apps that we promise to update soon. Stay tuned and keep the feedback coming.

2 Responses

  1. Nico Heirbaut says:

    Very nice work. We’ve had many improvements. Keep up the good work.
    I tried the new iOS app this morning, but the app shuts down after a while. Is there a possibility to adjust the app so that it keeps running in the background. I use my iPad to connect to my hifi and play music from Tonido server. After about 6-7 songs I have to start up the app again and start all over selecting.
    Grtz, Nico Heirbaut

  2. Mike says:

    Very nice. I appreciate all of the work you guys put into your products. I do wish, however, that you would put the same amount of love into your Android version as you do with the iOS version. Perhaps you will surprise me one of these days.

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