Top Business Software for running a Small Business

After operating as a distributed development team over the last 4 years, we at CodeLathe have some vociferous opinions on what software really cuts it for getting things done in a small to medium business. Now, we are only including general communication, collaboration tools for running a general business. This does not include innumerable other tools we use internally for code development, testing, builds, integration etc.

Without much ado, here’s the list: Feel free to comment.


Microsoft Office

Really nothing to say other than you need a copy. You can’t run a business without a MS Office copy running on all your computers.


CodeLathe runs on Skype.

We do text chats, voice chats, video chats on Skype 24/7 and 365 days of the year. In fact some of the group chat history extends back to startup times of our company. It is also an invaluable tool to work with others outside our company whether it is to call them internationally with really cheap calling rates or doing quick text chats to catch up on status, questions, troubleshooting etc.

The easiest way to share screens when you need absolutely need to sit together and huddle over a computer screen.


OK, this is really not software but a service, but it is an indispensable tool so I am adding it anyway. We tried out a lot of conference calling solutions, but the best conference calling solution so far has been Intercall. You can’t beat the quality, reliability and pricing.


No one really needs a fax number these days, but it useful to send and receive faxes from vendors can only interface with via fax or postal mail. With Trustfax, you get a fax number for a low yearly payment and it sure beats a trip to the postoffice.



Of course we build Tonido, so we are biased. But we use Tonido on a daily basis to share files, folders, large attachments instantly via skype or email by creating quick share links. We also send tonido links to downloads to people outside the company and synchronize files using Tonido Sync without worrying about data privacy, availability.  We also have a single shared folder allowing access to contents for all our users outside our company. With the company growing, we eventually might start using Tonido Cloud instead as our own
self-hosted file sharing and sync solution

Like our list, what is yours? What did we leave out?








4 Responses

  1. Aftab says:

    you didn’t include:
    1. (a free service to control remote computer)
    2. TeamViewer ( again a free service to control or share screen or voice chat or video chat) with remote computer
    3. Google hangout to chat with 10 people same time, share youtube video, edit docs together ( free of course)
    4. Picasa to share and organize digital life (for free)

    Thanks for the post

  2. PlugStorage says:

    Picasa? Why use Picasa when they can use their own product with no storage limits?

  3. Mike says:

    MS Office does have some nice features but have you tried using Libre Office for some of your spreadsheets and documents?

  4. Brian says:

    Why pay to use MS office when you can have better office suite like Libre Office or Open Office for FREE? The mere existence of these quality FREE office suites makes even pirating MS office a waste of time and effort.

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