Personal Cloud Security – Tonido VS PogoPlug

Recently TWiT.TV did a great episode on Roll your Personal Cloud featuring Tonido, PogoPlug and Opera Unite. If you have not heard of TWiT.TV– take our word and please do yourself a favor by checking it out. TWiT.TV is probably the number one, unbiased technical netcasts in the internet and it is primarily supported by the viewers rather than advertisers.

During the show, It became apparent that the show host was unsure about the security architecture of Personal Cloud services like Tonido and PogoPlug. We feel it is our duty to explain it to our customers and media.

Let me say it: Security is the first class citizen in Tonido platform.

  • With Tonido, all apps are local to your device.
  • The authentication happens directly between your browser and the Tonido device.
  • We don’t store your credentials in our servers.

Tonido’s unique architecture design offers many security advantages over the PogoPlug or any other personal cloud services implementations in the market.

Compared to Tonido, other Personal Cloud Services store their user credentials in their servers and the user interface is also served by a central server. This approach has 2 drawbacks:

  1. If somebody hacks into their servers, they can get access to all the devices that are connected to the service
  2. If your internet is down, you cannot access your device even if stands next to your couch
  3. (Not directly related to security, but this is HUGE): Tonido’s smart LAN switching allows you to access your device directly over your LAN without having to go over the internet. So you get BLAZING performance.

Tonido doesn’t have these drawbacks. Even if there is no internet, you can still access your Tonido device inside your LAN using the IP address. The user credentials are not stored in our servers which minimizes the security risks to greater extent. One can also run Tonido in stand alone mode completely without using our relay servers. (Please see:

Tonido offers advanced security controls like IP filters that allows you to configure access permission based on IP addresses and also implements two-factor authentication using a secondary question and answer.

No digital product can claim it is 100% hacker proof. We always recommend our users to use strong passwords and set remote Q&A to their Tonido run devices.

In the marketplace, as a customer you have an option to choose competing products and services. Depending on your budget, functionality and security needs choose the product that fits your requirements. But if you are looking for a powerful, full-featured and secure personal cloud – TonidoPlug is the way to go.

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  1. Barbara says:

    This design looks sowhaemt similar to the PublicApp (DMZ) FW PrivateData design that has been used by Enterprises for many years, except now you’re moving the PublicApp to a cloud provider. So the value of the cloud provider is a lower-cost and more scalable way to handle the front-end requests on the app, correct?

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