Announcing Tonido Biz – File Sharing for SMBs

We are today announcing the immediate availability of  Tonido Biz.

Tonido Biz came about because over the last 6 to 8 months, we have heard several requests from many of our customers, who wanted several enhanced features. These customers use Tonido day-to-day to share files/photos/videos privately and securely with their clients and customers and also depend upon it for running their consulting and small business. For these customers, the ability to customize and brand the web interface easily was important and so was ability to run Tonido using their own domain name along with their own SSL support.

What is Tonido Biz?

Tonido Biz turns your office computer into the ultimate small business file server with minimal setup or configuration. Tonido Biz is an upgrade for Tonido customers who need to be able to customize the Web Interface with their branding as well as run it on their own domain. It is also possible to enable your own SSL certificates under Tonido Biz for enhanced security.

Key Features

  • Access all your documents using a web browser or mobile
  • Unlimited storage capacity
  • Share large files and folders to guest users privately
  • Share files and folders via mobile apps or web interface
  • Custom Branding of Web Interface
  • Run under your own domain
  • Use your SSL certificates
  • 200 GB private sync
  • WebsharePro features
  • WebDAV support
  • Tonido Drive support
  • and more


Tonido Biz will be priced at $129 yearly, but as a special promotion, we are launching it at at $99 yearly. Buy it Now.

More information on Installation and Activation


As always, we depend upon our customer feedback to thrive, so please take a moment to send us feedback via our blogs, facebook, twitter or forums.


2 Responses

  1. mike griffin says:

    I ran across your software quite by accident last night while researching something else. It appears that MAYBE… your setup may solve more than one problem and if so, well worth the price.

    Is there ANY way I can speak, chat, anything. i just need someone to confirm that what you offer is what I need.

    I have written many requests lie this to many other companies who have said similar things. I never get a reply.

    I really hope to hear back from you as what I am trying to do is not that complicated and I hate to have to go through all the setup here to do something that someone else has already done on a mass-scale

    Pogoplug would be one example. For all I know, IT might have worked. They never returned any of my requests for information so I had to return the device.

    Please, if you have someone who can spare a few minutes to show me how this could be for this company I would really appreciate it.

    I am a VAR and if I can get it working here for even one client, I can get one for myself and play with it until I know for sure what it will and will not do but this one client is a special case and I need to find the right solution the first time.


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