Announcing new Android update

Here are the highlights of new version of Tonido Android App

Shows download progress (% downloaded)

Previous versions of our Tonido app listed only the files that are in download queue. The latest version of app shows current file that is being downloaded and progress of the download as %.

Displays longer file names

With new update, app displays longer file names upto 150 characters.

And a few more changes:

 – Added support for upcoming Tonido cloud release

– Long click on image opens image in a view where users can zoom

– A few more bug fixes

Pl try the latest version of Tonido app and let us know your thoughts.

We have a released a version (v45) with a fix to address a crash reported in the app (v43).

3 Responses

  1. Mike says:

    I was hoping that you would add more features to the music player. I love that I can stream my music from my TonidoPlug2 but the music player currently lacks ability to create playlists. Unlike most people, I don’t organize my music by folders but by meta data and file naming structure. All of my music is in one folder so I don’t have much flexibility with the current state of the app.

  2. Mike says:

    Some suggestions for the music player in the app:

    1) Ability to create “smart” playlists using various meta data fields (e.g. artist, composer, etc.)

    2) Ability to create any kind of playlist no matter what the method is

    3) Display Bandwidth usage

    4) Ability to change stream quality for when streaming using 3G


  3. Aadam Gibson says:

    It’s a important android update that we can display longer file name up to 150 characters and other features are also good.

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