How to run Tonido in stand alone mode without relay

Frequently, we hear feedback from our users who say that they prefer to run Tonido without any external thirdparty server connectivity.

With Tonido, it is pretty easy to do it. Here’s how.

  1. Install Tonido Desktop, and setup an account say (johndoe) normally.
  2. After logging in, go to Settings->Network and disable Tonido Relay.
  3. In your router, enable port forwarding to the computer you installed Tonido on for port 10001.
  4. Now to access your Tonido install, simply type and you will be connecting to your Tonido Desktop directly.
  5. Your own Dynamic DNS or Domain: If you want to use your own domain using Dynamic DNS or similar you can do so too, you just point your Dynamic DNS domain to point to the IP address of the computer on which Tonido is running on.






6 Responses

  1. Vince says:

    Usiing that setup (we don’t use your bandwidth anymore), is it possible to have more than 2Go for sync ?

  2. […] Tonido doesn’t have these drawbacks. Even if there is no internet, you can still access your Tonido device inside your LAN using the IP address. The user credentials are not stored in our servers which minimizes the security risks to greater extent. One can also run Tonido in stand alone mode completely without using our relay servers. (Please see: […]

  3. Bryan says:

    I did this and the sync seemed to stop working.

  4. vbvbvb says:

    how to connect to tonido relay service via https?

  5. vbvbvb says:

    I have the following situation.
    Tonido is installed on ReadyNas which is located behind a proxy. I have only 443 port through which method “connect” is allowed. I can’t use standart port (10001) or I something don’t understood. My idea is in that, I need turn on connection through https to tonido relay service. What I have to do to configurate tonido server to be able to use tonido?

  6. Jaime Tun says:

    i cannot access the tonidoo server installed in my hp microserver. the general settings say that the relay service is inactive but the network settings show that it is active. please help me. what must i do to fix this error.
    you can contact me at

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