Announcing Tonido Release 2.51

A new Tonido release 2.51 is now out with some major Sync bug fixes and other minor fixes.


There is now a additional feature of temperature monitoring of internal SATA HDD with warning and shutdown protection if temperature exceeds a threshold.


If you are using sync, it is recommended to upgrade to 2.51 on your server as well as on the sync clients as soon as possible.

On some Windows computers, Sync was unable to complete synching files from the server because a specific WIN32 API call was failing causing “File Access Denied” exceptions. This has now been worked around.

For the complete release notes, please seeĀ


2 Responses

  1. mark taylor says:

    is this update available for the tonidoplug (v1) also?

  2. madhan says:

    Yes, all our releases are for all platforms.

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