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Android App – Music player improvements

For past couple of months, we have been working on improving performance of music player in our Android app. We faced many hurdles due to the limitations in underlying Android native player. In the latest version of the app (v39), for Android phones above Android 2.3.3, we have improved the streaming (mainly mp3) , mainly time to buffer and latency between two songs. This would also eliminate internment skips that some users faced while streaming music. Consider this update as one of many coming updates to improve user experience in music streaming.

Announcing Tonido Release 2.50

The next major update for the Tonido platform is 3.0, but we are releasing an intermediate update which will be Tonido 2.50.

Important notes before upgrading:

– Your TonidoPlug: Make sure photos and openid applications are deleted
– Your Tonido on MacOSX: To upgrade, please download and install new app from our downloads. You cannot do usual Tonido in-app upgrade.

Major Changes:

Tonido Guests now can use the same Web UI as admins.

Guest login will use the same richer user interface as the admin user. However, guest users will only see the folders that are shared with them and they cannot browse and access anything else.


Much Faster Thumbnail Generation

Thumbnail image generation is more than 5x faster, this makes a huge difference on the TonidoPlug.

Control over Automatic WAN/LAN switch and Network Interface

More fine grained controls on these settings to disable Automatic WAN/LAN switch as well as the network interface to bind to.

Tonido on Mac OSX

Tonido now on the OS X menubar

Tonido now on the OS X menubar

Tonido Sync Updates

  • Fixed several problems causing sync to hang
  • Sync performance improved dramatically when handling a large number of small files
  • Updated sync client
  • Can now change the sync location via the client

Tonido Drive Updates

  • Tonido Drive now supports guest login

Reduced Memory Usage of Tonido app

  • Direct result of P2P features dropped Tonido now uses less memory and will be snappier

More Useful Stats

  • Tonido now shows your WAN address, total uptime and total files and data served.

Misc Bug Fixes

  • Fix issue with creating folders with WebDAV using NetDrive
  • Fix crash with Jukebox with certain malformed tags
  • Fix crash on Mac OSX when playing video and some audio files
  • And much much more, many inside the hood

As always please let us know of your feedback.


Tonido user survey- winning comments

Thank you all for your overwhelming participation, support, and comments. For small company like us,  your comments provide the necessary encouragment to work hard to improve continously. Though each of your comments were very valuable, we picked following feedback for thoroughness that took into account every aspect of the product. We will soon ship a Tonidoplug to the user.


Hi Tonido Team,

I purchased a Tonido2Plug several weeks ago and I enjoy using it every day. Yesterday, I received an email from you, asking for feedback and suggestions, where you offer a prize of a TonidoPlug2 for the best feedback or suggestion. I’m am happy to provide you with feedback and would be even happier to win the prize if you think my feedback or suggestion is worthy of such an honor.

My Feedback:

Unboxing everything went well. I was pleased with how the items were found in the box and how easy it was to understand how the device was to be connected to the router, the external USB drive, and to the power outlet.

I could not figure out how to open the Tonido2plug to insert an internal drive. I learned later that the directions were not correct.

The graphic in the directions made it easy to understand the order of the connections, and I was able to get everything connected in less than 5 minutes.

There were parts of the printed instructions that I couldn’t read because of a combination of font size and font color — the blue color that you use for the links was especially difficult to figure out. One of your online pages asked for the device’s MAC address. I couldn’t read it — the label printed on the device was printed in very small text, and some of the characters were not legible
After I got it all connected, the device would not work and I could not figure out why. It took me a few attempts of trial and error, then I added a “help me” post to your forum and had to wait for a response, then I had to call my internet provider (they told me to reboot my cable modem). After that, it worked and I have had no issue since, except for …… I can’t get the wireless to work. I have followed the directions the best that I can but it’s like a trial and error puzzle where I don’t seem to get the settings done correctly. I have a wireless printer that I set up with absolutely no issue, and my family members have several other wireless devices and each of those devices were easy to set up or configure. I haven’t given up but I’m frustrated with this.
My Ratings (scale of1 to 10 where 10 is best):

Packaging and Unboxing: 10

Connecting: 10

Printed Directions:4

First Use: 2

Troubleshooting: 4

Usage after issue was resolved: 10

Owner settings: 10

Setting up a guest account: 10

Guest usage: 10

Ongoing use: 10

Wireless Configuration: 3


My Suggestions:

Reprint your instructions so the font is a bit bigger and change the color from blue to something else that is easier to read.

Correct the instructions. There is at least one part that is wrong (instructs you to hold own a switch to open the device, and that isn’t necessary).

Put the instructions on your web site.

Add some videos on youtube or your own site that show how to gt set up (how to connect the parts, how to open the device and insert an internal drive)

And finally, one request: My ultimate goal with the Tonido2plug is to create a mini web server, to host a family web site, and I’ll need to use all the parts of xampp (apache, MySQL, PHP, etc) plus maybe even install wordpress. It doesn’t look like the directions
to do that are written for a person like me (I’m not a software developer or programmer) so it would be great if there were some simple and clear and easy instructional material available to explain how to do that.

I have already recommended your product to one of my co-workers and he says he will place an order, and I think most of my other team members will want one too, so we can have a somewhat distributed file-sharing network at work, protected by the firewall. But we can’t use any device at work unless the IT department has approved it. So if I win a Tonido2Plug for best feedback, I will hand it to our IT department so they can check it out.