Features being dropped in the next Tonido Release



Tonido beta was originally released in early 2009 and it has been almost 3 years since its initial release. During that time, based on users feedback, we have slowly evolved many of Tonido’s features in the web user interface, mobile apps, introduced Tonido Sync as well as Tonido Drive and improved many many features.

However, there are parts in Tonido which have seen little or almost no use and have been harder to maintain over time. To help have a faster and smaller Tonido app, we are making some changes and removing those features. These are backwards incompatible, in the sense that if you upgrade to this release, some existing features will stop working.

Removing features is never an easy thing, but in this case, like every successful software we have to evolve so that we can concentrate our development on areas that are the most important.

Tonido Groups

Originally, Tonido groups feature allowed P2P communication between two tonido installs. This was used by some apps including (now obsolete) Tonido Photos, Tonido Workspace and Tonido Backup. However, based on user feedback, Tonido Groups were difficult to setup and get working reliably. Going forward, Tonido Groups feature will be removed. You will no longer be able to create new Tonido Groups via Tonido.

Tonido Messages

Using the Tonido P2P functionality, it was previously possible to send messages between one Tonido system to another. This feature will be now dropped.

Tonido Workspace P2P Synchronization

Tonido workspace allowed two Tonido installs to synchronize workspace data between themselves. With Tonido Groups being removed, this feature will be now dropped. Note that it will still be possible to create new Tonido Workspaces and allow guest users to access it via URL.

Tonido Remote Backup

Tonido Remote backup allowed users to backup files and folders from one machine to another machine via Tonido P2P Groups. This feature is being dropped. Local Tonido Backups will continue to function. Going forward a new Tonido Backup client app (similar to Tonido Sync) will be released that will be much more powerful and easier to setup and use than the old Tonido Remote Backup.

Although these features are going away, a whole host of exciting new features are coming as well. It is certainly made easier because of the increased focus on the features that are the most important and critical for users.



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  1. Jasper says:

    I assume that the new backup feature (as a replacement of the deleted function) will be a free app and usable for people without the ‘pro’ subscription.

  2. Leba says:

    Good choice guy i agree with all of them. However a messaging system between users is useful but in its current format its not one i use. The P2P function is also of the same demise two feature that just need a different format possibly.

    I cant wait to see the new Release there is always something that makes me smile and go “oh yeah never thought of that one”. Keep up the good work guys and also a thank you to a great ever ready community. 🙂

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  4. Piotr says:

    Thats a pity. I actually planed to use the p2p syncing between my two offices 1000km apart. For data redundancy – off site backup.

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  6. wardster41 says:

    Update to 2.50.18016 has erased all my apps (I can’t even see apps on the app store)! This reduces Tonido plug functionality to zero for me. I was mostly using photo sharing and storing files where I could get at them from other places.

    It was difficult getting others in my family to use the plug because it seemed very slow. Now it is impossible. I guess I have to conclude that this is a cool-ish idea, but not really ready to be relied upon. Wish I could say otherwise….

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