Downloading, Streaming, and Transferring Files to Kindle Fire

Using Tonido, you can transfer content from a remote (Windows or Mac or Linux)  computers to your Kindle Fire.

Three simple steps

1) Install Tonido on your computer

2) Create users id/password

3) Install Tonido Android app on Kindle


Now, you can access files, play music and download files from your computer including music, videos, photos, and documents. Here are the major features.

Browse/ Open your files and folders

Tonido Android app allows you to browse your remote computer and open many popular file formats like Word, Excel, Powerpoint and PDF (note: need appropriate app to open office and pdf files).

File Explorer


Download files (Over-The-Air Downloads)

You can select files or folders to be downloaded to your Kindle. You can access /play these downloaded file even when you are offline.
Smart Download: When Kindle  and Tonido device are connected on same LAN, Tonido Android app would try to use local ip (e.g http://192.168.x.x:10000/) to download and data transfer, which would increase overall download performance.

Select Download

Download Status

Stream music to your Android phone

Android app relieves you from carrying your music with you. Listen to your home music collection from your Kindle from anywhere. The App can sequentially play all the songs in a folder. Currently, it supports .mp3, .flac and .m4a


Share files and folders as a link

Share any file or folder instantly and email the share out to your friends and family. You can also post the link to the file in Facebook.

Email Share

Browse photos

You can browse your pictures through image gallery.

Photo Gallery


Upload files

You can select files that you want to upload from your Kindle to your remote computer.


Please post your comments and ratings in Amazon Android Market.
Feel free to send us your feedback as it helps us continuously improve the app.  You could also visit our Tonido on Mobile Forums to discuss any issues.

3 Responses

  1. Dennis says:

    With the Tonido Plug…can I create a small network of less than 10 friends to share Office excel 2010 WorkBooks & collaborate. I would probably control the group since the Tonido Plug would be on my home computer. Thinking of this compared to the Tonido Pro.

    I want to make my own home server cloud…since the Windows Live SkyDrive and Google Doc Connect does not offer the Full usage of Office Pro Excel 2010….They have what I call “lite” versions of Excel. I want the Full Features…not limited and difficult to apply
    commands, cell formatting…etc.

    I want to create say five folders for each friend. Then they would manage 3 Excel 2010 Workbooks each. They would download the original Workbooks…Edit them and Upload them back to their original individual Folders. These Original Folders could be
    viewed primarily, possibly edited by the other 4 friends of the group.

    From what I have read and some minor usage of the Free version of Tonido…This should be possible w/Tonido Plug and/or Tonido Pro….Is this correct…?


  2. Piyush Bhartia says:

    I have come across your product TONDO for Kindle Fire but could not find a button to download on my Kindle Fire. Please note that I am using Kindle Fire in India where access to Amazes n is not feasible as Amazon is for residents of America using American card. I will be grateful if you could send me a link to download your application. I wonder if I can use your application to upload to Googke Doc.

  3. gromit says:

    You can download Tonido app apk from this link

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