Announcing Renewed Android App

We are excited to announce an updated Android app with many new features, focused mainly on providing superior user experience. Here are the highlights in this release:

  • Introduced tabs to navigate easily between pages
  • Saves multiple account/passwords
  • Can play music in the background
  • Option to share files (webshare links) via Facebook
  • Improved photo gallery view
  • Thumbnail view to simplify uploading
  • Importantly, UI changes optimized for Tablets (incl Kindle)

Tabs to navigate easily between pages

In this new version, we have introduced tabs that would help you navigate easily between remote file, favorites, local files, music, status pages without losing state in a page.


Music Player Page

Saves multiple account/password

App saves account/passwords as you switch between multiple accounts. You can manage the saved accounts by clicking on “saved logins” in the login screen. BTW, you can even save guest account/passwords.


Manage Saved Accounts

Play Music in the background

You can play music in the background, while you move to other pages or even other applications. When you want to get back to Tonido, you can use the icon on notification bar to get to Tonido app.


Share files (webshare links) via Facebook

In addition to regular actions that you can perform on a file or folder, you can post a file or folder to Facebook. When you click on the action icon or long click on a file, ‘Share via Facebook’ option appears. Once selected, the app will create a webshare link to the file and share the link in Facebook.

Share Via Facebook

Facebook Comments

Post on Facebook

Improved gallery view

By selecting the “Image Gallery” in the menu, you can view the photos in your remote PC or device in a grid view. Clicking on any picture would open an image, and you can navigate to other pictures in the gallery by swipe gesture. A long click on the picture will open file actions menu.

Image Gallery

Thumbnail view to simplify uploading

When you want to upload files from your phone, you have an option to navigate local files either in regular file explorer mode or in a  new  grid mode. The grid view is very useful when you are uploading photos from the phone. You can directly select the thumbnails to be uploaded(the background color changes if picture is selected), which makes it easier to upload right photos.


UI optimized for Tablets (incl Kindle)

We have optimized the UI to take advantage of larger screen in tablets. We have optimized UI for Kindle as well, we will be releasing a new version for Kindle soon.

Feel free to send us your feedback our way as it helps us continuously improve the app.  You could also visit our Tonido on Mobile Forums to discuss any issues.

Please post your comments and ratings in Android Market Place.

2 Responses

  1. K Mack says:

    I just installed the free version of Tonido. So far, I love it, and would go pro, if the rotational issue were addressed. I’m currently using an Asus Transformer T300. Currently Tonido only displays in letter format, and will not change to landscape format when the device is rotated or plugged into the keyboard docking station.

    Thank you guys, and keep up the good work!

    Sincerely, Kristen Mack

  2. ryrypitt says:

    There are a lot of people downloading this app, that are getting a cannot connect message when they try to log in. I’ve searched all over for an answer to this issue, but no luck. So, I was forced to uninstall before ever getting a chance to see what the app can do. You would think the devs would sort this out, but from what I’ve read, this has been happening since day one. Works for some people, others not so much. I tried reinstalling three times on my s2, and my PC. Hope they come up with an answer soon. Otherwise, they are going to lose a lot of Android customers.

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