Tonido iOS app v3.0 now available in Appstore

Greetings and Happy new year.

We have new updates to the Tonido iOS Application to celebrate the new year! The app v3.0 is now available in Apple appstore.

The new features of the app are

  • Ability to lock the iOS app using a 4 digit passcode
  • Ability to store multiple logins so that you can connect to different Tonido servers without reentering servername/password
  • Bug fixes:

  • This version fixes the bug that was introduced in the earlier version which caused login failures with the Tonido servers with remote login/password set.
  • Fixed issue in photo viewer that caused clipped images
  • As always, let us know of any comments and opinions via ourĀ forums and dont forget to rate the app in the appstore.




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    1. mistor says:

      This version crashes instantly on my iPhone 4s with firmware 5.01

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