Tonido weekly roundup -This week’s best user feedback

Tonido can be started from the command line (e.g. in an SSH session), and I can connect with a browser to my remote file system – that’s cool! And there’s a Tonido app for Android, which is even more cool (is this possible?). Using Tonido, I can connect from Linux to Windows and vice versa, and from Android to both of them – which is cool cool cool. I can tunnel Tonido traffic through SSH, so I don’t need to expose my Tonido server to the Internet. On the other hand, I can connect to the Tonido network and get access to my data from virtually everywhere, using just a browser – w/o any tunneling or VPN. I like it – good work, Tonido folks!  – Happy Feedback

Greatest stuff I’ve ever bought!Using Plug watching videos on our xbox, using files at home in my office via Tonido Drive.THX so much for TONIDO.I think, that I’m your biggest fan in Europe/Germany 😉 – Happy Feedback

I have been searching for a personal cloud/nas option for years. over the years for my small visual/media arts business i\’ve tried so many offline/online backup solutions ive lost count. tonido is it. you have everything down, the hardware is tight so far, it simply works. but the apps. sweet lord. the idea of a simple hardware device with a suite of cloud apps offered so much promise, just amazing. but they simply suck folks, im sorry. there is not enough space here to tell you the details of what is wrong with each app from a user perspective. fitness (doesnt event start), jukebox (i not a itunes fan but it simply does not compete), money (i would love a money management app, but this thing is useless at the moment), thots (huh?), workspace (ask my clients and assistants to download another app just to work with me when they easily use googledocs?). webshare is the only usable app, and a important one for my business currently, but still confusing at times.

im hoping you make it through. the core ideas are amazing here, the possibilities for your products to make my life easier are so there. please dont **** it up. – Sad Feedback

Our Response: We understand all our applications are not stellar. But we are improving the apps in every Tonido update. The key thing here is to have product framework that allows multiple apps and seamless update of apps. Eventually we will reach there.

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  1. Matt Sawyers says:

    Every update has made the Tonido suite better and thus the TonidoPlug more powerful. It takes time to make something “perfect” : – )

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