Tonido iOS app update for iOS5 now available in Apple Appstore

The updated iOS App v2.21 for Tonido is now available in Apple Appstore.

This update fixes the following problems

1. Application crashes and Facebook/Twitter notification failure in iOS5 is now addressed with this update.

2. Multi image uploader support is now added. The image quality is also increased to maximum jpg quality during upload.

3. Refreshing a view is now made simpler by drag/release of the explorer view.


As always,  We would love to hear your comments/concerns via our forums.

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  1. B buckhout says:

    Great update guys, I went from listening to my music to NOTHING after the update! I (like an idiot) updated my plug via the button in the interface 2 nights ago after it worked flawlessly for weeks and immediately lost access to two 3tb drives. (most of my cloud, gee thanks guys!)… I had to fly out in the am and won’t be able to touch it till the 1st. Ok so no video media and loss of access to all my work files… Great update, have I said that yet?, but I still have my music via iPhone right? So i am listening to some tracks via the app and at least that works…That is until the app updated, now I see nothing via the phone… Awesome sauce guys, in 2 updates you have taken away all access from a stock plug with nothing added to it… Out of the box it worked great , your updates killed it. Now I am screwed…. How are you going to fix this?

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