Announcing Tonido Release 2.35

This has several major improvements and upgrading is recommended for all of our users.

Note: Backwards compatibility warning: For TonidoSync users on Linux and MacOSX, please see below for an backwards incompatible change

Tonido Money is Back

Due to popular demand, Tonido Money is now available for install in the list of applications.

Faster UI Loading

We added several optimizations to make the UI load load significantly faster.

Fixes PHP Support on TonidoPlug2

This releases fixes the broken PHP based apps on the TonidoPlug like Fitness and TonidoShell.

Prepare Media Support

In many cases it might be useful to prepare your media before remote use, especially large photos so that when shared, they appear instantly without any time spent on creating thumbnails and slide show images.

To prepare a folder and all contents within the sub-folders, simply open the folder’s context menu and choose “Prepare Media”.


To view the status of the “Prepare Media”, you can open Settings->Misc and check “Running Jobs”.


Share Current Folder

It is easier to share the current folder you are browsing.


Image Rotate Support

It is now possible to rotate images when you are viewing them in the image gallery. This makes it a handy took to fix those pesky non-rotated photos before sharing.


Tonido Sync

  • Backwards Incompatible Change: If you had changed the default TonidoSync location by editing the XML file, the syncclientconfig.xml file is now stored in a different location . So YOU NEED to make the change in the new XML file in the new location before upgrading to new TonidoSync. Please see
  • Tonido Sync now fixes a critical issue where it was not detecting changes in sub-folders below the top level folders on Linux and TonidoPlug.
  • TonidoSync now correctly shows the name of the user who updated the file instead of just showing original user who created the file
  • TonidoSync doesn’t sync files in active use

Other Fixes

  • WebsharePro shows saved custom header instead of clearing it
  • MediaServer now sorts files and folders alphabetically

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  1. smick says:

    This is fantastic. Thanks for the great work. Some much-needed fixes with prepare media and rotate!

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