Announcing Tonido Release 2.34

A new Tonido bug fix release is out with the following fixes:

  1. Image Gallery: Shows wrong images when other non-images were present
  2. URLs for Webshare Email, Workspace and Jukebox guest URLs were formatted incorrectly
  3. Webshare: MP3 files are downloaded when clicked instead of playing in the browser
  4. Explorer: Favorite locations weren’t navigating properly when allowed folders were set
  5. Sync: Allow changing sync folder
  6. Sync: Default action in Sync app in Mac now opens Sync Folder instead of settings
  7. Sync now allows filenames with . in the front to sync
  8. Sync Activity viewer now allows sorting
  9. Sync Activity viewer allows opening file/folder location when item is double-clicked

Upgrading to this release is recommended for all users.

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  1. Laimonas says:

    What about sync over https, is it planned to be fixed soon? For me it is main reason why I can’t use sync still…

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