The New, Awesome TonidoPlug2 is available for sale now!

We are happy to say that our next generation TonidoPlug2 is available for purchase from our online store ( starting today. We apologize for the long wait and in the end we believe we have created the ultimate, versatile plug computer in the market. There is nothing else like TonidoPlug2 out there. Period.

TonidoPlug2 Features

Power Efficient

TonidoPlug2 is based on Marvell Armada 310 chipset which draws only 1.2 watt/hr and offers GHz level performance (~800 MHz). TP2 power consumption is 4 times lesser than the TonidoPlug v1 and costs approx. 2 dollars to run 24/7/365 days (Individual results may vary).

No Wires, No Mess

TonidoPlug2 includes Wi-Fi b/g/n and a built-in SATA 2.5” enclosure. Finally you can put your plug in the closet or behind your entertainment center without wires running around. With the new SATA enclosure, you can have a complete, standalone NAS.


TonidoPlug2 form factor is similar to your portable USB hard drives. Plug in to your power socket or place it on your table or take it with you in your Laptop bag and conquer the world.

Versatile, Powerful

TonidoPlug2 is equipped with with 512 MB DDR3 RAM and 512 MB NAND flash. Even high end NAS systems have only half of these specs. You can do a lot more with the TonidoPlug2 than any other product out there.

Media Streaming

TonidoPlug2 comes with a new, powerful DLNA media server that will stream music, videos to any networked equipment that’s UPnP™/DLNA® certified (like your PlayStation®3 or Xbox 360® or TV sets.)

Personal Cloud Sync

TonidoPlug2 comes with free life time 2 GB sync offering file synchronization without using the Public Cloud. Now sync is truly personal.

Experimental Wi-Fi Hot spot

TonidoPlug2 can also act as a Wi-Fi hotspot for your computers and portable devices such as iPhone, iPad and tablets.

In addition, TonidoPlug2 includes your favorite Tonido apps and highly rated mobile apps as like before.

The TonidoPlug2 is priced at $119. Unfortunately, we don’t have enough stock to meet all the pending demand. So please order the unit as soon as possible at out online store (

We thank you for patience and support.

PS: TonidoPlug2 is currently available for shipping to US customers only. We expect to open availability and shipping to Europe shortly.

16 Responses

  1. Chris says:

    So when will CodeLathe start looking after Australian’s? I’m sure any of us would be more than happy to pay the appropriate shipping costs

  2. Glen says:

    Are you shipping to Canada? I see “North America” listed, but then you mentioned US customers only. Just checking — Glen

  3. Thorben says:

    Nice to see it’s ready for shipping. Can you say something about the timing for European customers? Pogoplug just brought out the very attractive “Mobile”…

  4. Samuel Harvey says:

    On twitter, they said that TonidoPlug could be shipped in Canada within the week

  5. Ostracus says:

    1) Does WiFi use the 5 Ghz band? Unless a misprint, why does the TonidoPlug 2 use an older Linux kernel than the TonidoPlug? Are there any plans to make one of the available apps FreeSwitch or Asterisk?

  6. Thomas says:

    Hi, when will there be a version available with an European Adapter Type and 230V currency?

  7. James says:

    Now, take off the 2GB limit of sync’ing my own files and I will buy one!! Any word on file size limits?

  8. madhan says:

    Files up to 2 GB are supported.

  9. MDFanatik says:

    Any word on the European release? I was just about to purchase the tonidoplug, when it was replaced by the tonidoplug2… Just 1 watt in use, terrific! My compliments!

  10. Ragu says:

    TonidoPlug2 is more than a Cloud Storage with its Apps feature and outweighs PogoPlug and any other similar cloud storage services. For more,

  11. Susan says:

    Can’t get tonido to work on 64-bit system…

  12. Danny says:

    When TonidoPlug2 will be on sale again?
    Probably not just me interested in the answer to this question. I signed up for the mailing list but would like to know approximate, or a matter of several months or longer.
    Computers in a series of plugcomputers very interesting to me and TonidoPlug2 is the one on the market offers the greatest functionality and want to know whether to spend money on TonidoPlug2 or forget about it and look for interesting solutions in a series of plugcomputers further.

  13. Danny says:

    Or maybe someone would have to sell even one piece of TonidoPlug2?

  14. Howdy I would like to find out where you got this theme from, I want it!

  15. stephanieLoveful says:

    Hi , What limitations do I have in filesize and storage do I have with the TonikoPlug2?

    Can I plug a TonikoPlug2 to a multi port-USB thereby enable 5 external harddrives to Toniko Cloud Service.

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