Announcing Tonido Release 2.33

This is a patch release for fixing a few critical bugs listed below. Please update if you are using TonidoPro or Sync.

  • TonidoPro didn’t allow activation of WebsharePro
  • Sync: maintains original Timestamp
  • Sync: deletes sub folders with files inside correctly now
  • Sync: clients show activity multiple times
  • Sync: Fix Guest User listing issue

3 Responses

  1. wreckanoid says:

    Please tell me where is the page that explains how Tonido works.
    When I select ‘Help’ on the Tonido site I am told there is no information there.
    I cannot for the life of me find a web page with an explanation of this software, how it works, how to log on, or any technical ‘user manual’ anywhere.
    Please give me a hint. Thanks.

  2. wreckanoid says:

    Never mind.. just found the documentation. 🙁

  3. Luke says:


    Is it possible to put my music and photos onto the Tonido and then can stream it to all my Macs and sync music with my iPhone/iPod?

    Two options: 1) have an iTunes share so I can stream and play music. 2) share a folder with my computer so I can access my music folder form anywhere, will this work everywhere?

    Also can it do TimeMachine backups too? I would be really interested in this.

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