Announcing TonidoPro and Tonido 2.32

A new Tonido release 2.32 is out with new functionality and several bug fixes. If you are using sync, upgrading is recommended.



Since our release in 2009, Tonido has gone from strength to strength and we thank all our customers and users for that. We have now over 200K users using our products and we have even more exciting announcements that expand Tonido service availability beyond our products.

In terms of software quality and effectiveness, we have kept at it, improving usability, functionality while still keeping it simple. We have released mobile apps for all major platforms, and even recently released Tonido Sync, the first personal cloud sync solution. A quick check of the number of releases since 2009 reveals 29 software upgrades! There are very few software products with such high level of upgrades and increased functionality over this period of time. During that time we have kept the service free even though it costs money to keep the service running and operational in 3 data centers around the world (US, EU and Japan). But a lot of our users have asked us whether the service and the base software will remain free, and the answer is a firm yes.

The base Tonido software and service will remain free for the foreseeable future, so all the features you are using today will continue to work without ANY changes.

However, we are introducing a new higher level service tier called TonidoPro.

TonidoPro takes Tonido to the next level… It is an overall upgrade to your Tonido service that introduces several additional features and functionality detailed below.


Tonido WebsharePro is an enhanced version of Tonido Webshare that adds additional guest uploading and complete folder downloading. Tonido WebsharePro also provides options for mounting Tonido remotely as a drive instead of the web browser. With TonidoPro availability, the app store will no longer carry WebsharePro as it is now bundled with this product. For existing users, WebsharePro will continue to work without any changes.

For TonidoPlug users, WebsharePro will continue to work irrespective of whether you upgrade to TonidoPro or not.

Up to 50 GB of Sync Storage

Free Sync allows only up to 250 MB of Personal Cloud Sync for Desktop Users and 2 GB of Sync for TonidoPlug users. Expand your options by now going up to 50 GB.

DLNA/UPnP MediaServer
Serve media files via UPnP/DLNA to compatible media players.

For TonidoPlug users, MediaServer  will continue to work irrespective of whether you upgrade to TonidoPro or not.

Pricing and Availibility

The TonidoPro service is a subscription based service with a yearly introductory fee of $29.99. It is available immediately from our Tonido Store. To use TonidoPro you would need the latest Tonido Release 2.32.


To activate your TonidoPro license.

  1. Buy TonidoPro from the store
  2. Install or Upgrade to atleast Tonido 2.32
  3. Go to “Applications” tab, it will show you a way to activate your TonidoPro subscription. Click “Activate”. Reload the browser UI. TonidoPro is activated.sshot-4

We thank you for your continuing support.

13 Responses

  1. Matt Sawyers says:

    Wait!? So if I update, I’ll lose features & have to pay to get them back?

    Regarding the TonidoSync, I’m concerned with this news. And maybe I’ve understood this incorrectly. But I’ll need to pay to sync up to 50GB yearly? Of course I realize this has some other features. I can understand a one time fee to upgrade to *this* version, but since I use port forwarding on my TonidoPlug, I don’t use your bandwidth nor your relay services to use the sync service, so why the cost?

    Regarding streaming: I currently have the DNLA streaming ability already on my TonidoPlug, why would I want to upgrade now, loose the service, then have to pay for it?

    Regarding WebSharePro: I already have this on my TonidoPlug (which I assume other users have as well, what is the difference in this one?

    I consider myself one of ya’lls biggest fans, but I’m concerned with the news, I have no problem paying $30/year for something I believe in, but I just don’t see the reason

  2. madhan says:

    WebsharePro and MediaServer apps on the TonidoPlug continue to function irrespective of whether you buy TonidoPro.

  3. Pipeline says:

    it looks nice.Thanks your all are doing great work..

  4. mikes says:

    I paid for webshare pro as a plugin for tonido already. I don’t have the plug but how does that figure in here? So does the cloud sync to your servers?

  5. madhan says:

    @mikes for people who bought websharepro, that license continues for perpetuity without any change. Everything that you have continues to work.

  6. Matt Sawyers says:

    Okay, another question… I currently have over 3GB synced (screenshot: If I update, will it stop syncing till I drop below 2GB? To be honest syncing 50GB of data for $30 is worth it using y’all servers especially with the added advantage of the SSL; however, I’m just not eager to use the relay since port forwarding with my network is greatly faster.

  7. madhan says:

    The 3 GB stored doesn’t mean that much got synced. If you are using old build, the limit was 250 MB so server won’t sync beyond that even though the client has 3 GB stored in that dir.
    So I don’t think it is actually synching now anyway.

  8. Matt Sawyers says:


  9. mikes says:

    Ok, so owning Tonido Webshare pro add-on, if you own already for your desktop / server, you’re all good. That’s happy to hear.

    I also think the full tonido pro is probably a good deal. I believe it’s a good competitive price against some of the other services, such as dropbox.

    What kind of data security does one expect to have with their data on tonido servers? In general terms I mean.

    Now if I have some photo galleries and they are synced up with the rest of my stuff on tonido, does that mean the cloud is supplying the bandwidth for people who are viewing and downloading them? Or is that just for data redundancy?

    Also, and maybe this is a dumb question, but it’s important to me… is this still open source when you go pro? I hope so. That’s one of the reasons I love the product.

  10. Figueiredo says:

    With laptest update Tonido doesn’t work anymore. I submited error log. I habe websharepro and all doesn´t work anymore

  11. David says:

    I understand that if Codelathe has a cost then it should be passed on to the user. However, can you please explain how a tonidoplug user, storing data on their own plug-attached hard drive, and syncing with their own remote computers, using their own data plans, inccur a cost to Codelathe.

    I bought a plug with the understanding that data never went to thrid party servers. I.e. if Codelathe closes shop, then it doesn’t affect my data. If data does indeed use third party servers, then why shouldn’t I just use Syncdocs, or similar? What is the benefit of Codelathe if it is no longer independence of data?

  12. madhan says:

    When you are connected via the relay, bandwidth data is used by CodeLathe. Within your LAN the sync does route directly if possible, but on the WAN it is not possible to do so. For Sync to work robustly and reliably wherever you are (WAN or LAN) we have to be prepared for high bandwidth usage as we cannot really tell when you are going to move from LAN to WAN.

    Note that relay is free for all TonidoPlug users for the lifetime of the device so is 2GB of sync. If you are synching more than that for the lifetime of the device, it increases our costs.

  13. gary says:

    Dear Sirs

    Extremely disappointed.

    I have been using tonido (the old version) for some years. Now I am trying to upgrade to tonidoPro but I cannot purchase because your website tells me you cannot process Paypal payments. I tried to create an account so I could use my credit card but there is no choice in the dropdown list for the City I live in UK

    Very disappointed Tonido longstanding user. I now have to find another solution to share my business files unless you can help me.



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